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What To Do If a Tree Falls in Your Yard

28 DEC 2021

What To Do If a Tree Falls in Your Yard

Dying or dead trees are not just depreciating the aesthetic value of your property but pose a potential safety hazard if left unattended. Such trees are unpredictable and can easily fall, resulting in property damage and injuries to those around. When there’s a dead tree in your yard, it’s advisable to onboard the experts at Sesmas Tree Service for top-notch tree removal services. Dead trees can fall at the least convenient time, which can be scary at times. If you find yourself searching for a situation, don’t hesitate to call our experts for emergency tree removal in Lawranceville.

When a tree suddenly falls in your yard, there are several steps you should take before reaching out to the professionals at Sesmas Tree Service. Although most people usually panic and make all kinds of mistakes, you should take a deep breath and carefully carry out the following steps:

Check for Snags

After ensuring that everyone is safe after a tree falls, you should check whether it caused damage to the surrounding electricity, telephone, and utility lines. It is important to make a comprehensive assessment after a tree falls so that you can call the appropriate professionals for repairs. If the electrical cables are damaged, you shouldn’t approach them since they could be active, causing severe injuries. If there’s a tree you suspect can easily fall, Sesmas Tree Service can help you safely remove it with minimum damage to the surrounding property.

Take Pictures

Pictures are important, especially when presenting your claims to the insurance company, and that’s why taking photos after a tree falls is recommended to document the damage it has caused. Most insurance providers require a detailed account of the incident before fulfilling a claim, and pictures effectively collaborate with your story. This is an excellent solution to ensuring you minimize the cost for emergency tree removal on your end when you call Sesmas Tree Service.

Check Your Other Trees

After dealing with a fallen tree in your yard, it’s important to get ahead of future destruction by assessing the health of other surrounding trees. We can help you determine if a tree is old, dead, sick or rotted, to ensure that your property is protected from future damage. Sesmas Tree Service can provide the most suitable solution based on the inspection results. If a tree is beyond being salvaged, then tree removal is something you should consider.

Schedule Professional Tree Removal

Dealing with a fallen tree can be challenging, especially if it’s a huge tree that can result in more damage it’s not properly removed. Contracting the trained team at Sesmas Tree Service guarantees quality emergency tree removal without compromising safety and efficiency. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that there’s minimum or no damage during tree removal, saving you from unnecessary repair costs.

Having the right information can help you take the necessary steps when dealing with a fallen tree on your property. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation appointment with the experts for more information.