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How to Become an Arborist?

18 JUL 2019

How to Become an Arborist?

Who do you call when your trees or plants are sick? An arborist is a professional that specializes in the cultivation, maintenance, and study of trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. They are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat diseased trees. Some arborists, such as those at Sesmas Tree Service, also continue their accreditation by becoming ISA certified. If you are passionate about trees and becoming a certified arborist in Atlanta is a dream of yours, then continue reading to learn about how to become an arborist. We will go over the steps to becoming an arborist and what to expect when you become one. The process can be intimidating but the reward is satisfying. If you have any specific questions or concerns, then feel free to call Sesmas Tree Service.

What Do Arborists Do?

Arborists can be seen as tree doctors. They have a range of tools and techniques that are applied throughout the entire life cycle of the tree. An arborist can be hired by individuals, homeowners, companies, and city governments to care for the trees and ensure the landscape looks aesthetic. As an arborist, you will understand how to both care for the trees health and its appearance. You will learn how, when, and where to plant certain seeds. You will be able to identify signs of a trees illness and you will be able to take the appropriate steps to mitigate the disease. This may be done with fertilizers, cures, pruning, or more. Finally, if necessary, an arborist will handle the clearing of trees.


Arboriculture is the study of the cultivation and management of trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. A student of arboriculture learns how plants grow and respond to the environment. Some arborists might be educated in the field of forestry or horticulture. Generally, a high school degree will be required to work as an arborist and further education is optional but encouraged. There are associates programs as well as bachelors degrees, but many arborists have the specific goal of becoming certified. An ISA certification is a prestigious signal of advanced understanding of the field.

Gain Experience

Being book smart is not enough to become a successful arborist. Putting that education to practice is what makes perfect. While some companies ask for a couple or few years of experience, a lot of tree care companies provide on-the-job training. You will have to interact with clients, identify trees, and employ techniques and tools to resolve issues at hand. Remember, simply understanding trees is not enough. You will want to work on interpersonal communication skills and leadership skills if you want to get to higher positions.

Get to Know Sesmas Tree Service

Sesmas Tree Service is a tree care company with over a decade of experience in the industry. We are passionate about our field and are grateful for the opportunity to do this for a living. We encourage aspiring arborists to reach out to professionals and dont hesitate to ask questions. Our ISA certified arborists have gone through the process and are happy to help.