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Suwanee, GA

Tree Removal Service in Suwanee, GA

Suwanee residents, property owners, and property managers looking for professional tree service in Suwanee from certified experts are in luck! Sesmas Tree Service is an ISA Certified Arborist company with 15 years of experience in the Metro Atlanta area. We are excited to now be providing our services to our neighbors in Suwanee. Call us today at 678-896-8352 to say hello and receive a FREE consultation.

What Are the Benefits?

A proper and professional tree service can leave your property looking like something out of a movie. Drive through any prestigious park, neighborhood, or business place and you will notice that they have likely had professional tree services in Suwanee. Trees are wonderful life forms and fixtures for many properties. It is no surprise that maintaining them will draw more eyes to your property and increase its value.

In addition to beautifying the landscape, a comprehensive tree service in Suwanee can protect you from lawsuits and liabilities. All it takes is one diseased branch to break off and come crashing down. A large branch coming down from a high height can crush through roofs, cars, and unsuspecting pedestrians. A trained arborist can detect weaknesses. Call Sesmas Tree Service today and talk to one of our experts to learn how a tree service can be of use to you.

Tree Services That Sesmas Offers in Suwanee, GA

Sesmas offers a variety of tree services for our Suwanee clients. Whether you are interested in improving the appearance of your property or want an expert assessment of your trees, Sesmas Tree Service can arrange a service plan for you. The following is a description of some of our most common Suwanee tree services, but we invite you to call us directly for a free consultation and personalized plan.

Arborist Services: As a company certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, Sesmas Tree Service employs highly-trained and qualified arborists. Otherwise known as a tree surgeon, an arborist specializes in the care of trees and other perennial woody plants. Just as a veterinarian understands the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of animals, arborists understand those of trees.

Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Removals: Trees can get sick, grow irregularly, or die. When you need diseased limbs removed or a tree removal altogether, Sesmas is your local professional to call.

Insect, Pest, and Disease Management: As mentioned, trees can get sick. They can also get infested by pests and insects that leech off of the tree. Sesmas offers services to turn your trees from sickly to vivacious.

Lightning Protection: Tall trees are especially susceptible to lightning strikes. Sesmas provides lightning protection systems to minimize damage by such strikes and encourages those in storm-prone areas to consider this system.

Tree Risk Assessment: As mentioned earlier, trees can turn from friend to fiend in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, a tree risk assessment can help you identify risks before those risks become disasters.

24/7 Emergency Services: Tree care is not just day work. Emergencies involving trees happen around the clock and we are here to provide tree services for all sorts of scenarios. We have professionals waiting to take your call at any time of the day.

Call Sesmas Tree Service Today for Our Special Offer

Leave the search engines and stop searching for tree service near me. Add us to your contact list and give us a call today. Remember: we offer free consultations and upfront pricing on our Suwanee tree service.

Tree Service in Suwanee

Reviews for Suwanee, GA

Overall Experience: 5 /5 - Tree Service Suwanee

Sesmas removed 27 massive Leylands (25+ years old) for an unbeatable price and all within 2 days that were toppled by the hurricane. Tree's on fences, Trees on my house. No problems with removal.

Why Choose Us ?

Local Tree Company
Locally Owned

Sesmas Tree Service is a locally owned & operated tree company offering professional tree services. Support local business.

Certified Arborists
Certified Arborists

Sesmas Tree Service is a licensed & insured tree company offering budget-friendly tree care services. Our certified arborists available to answer all your tree related questions.

Emergency Tree Service
Emergency Service

Our experienced tree experts offer most reliable emergency tree removal & tree care services. Request tree service whenever you need. Our staff will be there for you.

Customer Reviews


Matthew Keheley

Noel and his team at Sesmas Tree Service are extremely professional, do quality work, and are available when you need them. I have been using…


Evita Fikes

I absolutely love the work ethic displayed by Sesmas employees. They work hard and fast! My property looks amazing! This is the second time in…


Kathryn Arvidson

Sesmas did a terrific job for us on a project completed today involving the removal of 18 problem trees. Project was completed exactly as promised,…