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Lawrenceville, GA

Tree Service in Lawrenceville, GA

Are you a property owner in Lawrenceville? Chances are you are missing out on a huge opportunity to raise the value of your land. Property owners and managers in Lawrenceville are invited to call Sesmas Tree Service for a FREE consultation on how a tree service in Lawrenceville can increase the value of your property and even save you from massive liability. There is nothing to lose call 678-896-8352 now for a FREE consultation! Caught searching for a tree service near me? Sesmas Tree Service is here!

Our ISA Certified Arborists Understand Tree Health

At Sesmas Tree Service, we take pride in our exceptional service. We could not offer our exceptional tree service in Lawrenceville without the help of our ISA Certified arborists on staff. Our arborists have demonstrated their excellence in the field of arboriculture by passing the required exams and they are committed to staying at the cutting edge of the field by taking continuing education courses.

Pruning, hedging, and removing trees are just some of the work that arborists complete. They also work in the office designing layouts or planning new planting and removals. In short, arborists are to trees as doctors are to humans and veterinarians are to animals.

We strive to hire and train arborists that are technically skilled, but we also like to see soft skills as well. The arborists on our staff are friendly, helpful, and caring. When our staff arrives at your property, our arborists will first address your concern then keep an eye out for any other issues that you may have not noticed.

Lawrenceville Tree Service Company

Beautify Your Lawn and Watch Your Home Value Rise

A tree service involves a variety of procedures, but they all have one thing in common: they aim to beautify your landscape by prioritizing the health of your trees. Healthy, symmetrical trees in a well-kept lawn are sure to catch eyes. If you have taken a drive through a neighborhood, then you, too, have likely noticed that the houses with the better lawns get the most attention.

If you are a property owner in Lawrenceville and are looking to sell, then fixing up your landscape could bring extra consideration to your property. Allow us to help you increase your property value. Even our smaller package deals can be the difference between a buy offer for your home and no offer. In fact, call Sesmas Tree service today to schedule a Lawrenceville tree service and receive a free price estimate!


Protect Against Liability for Damages Caused by Your Trees

Trees can be as dangerous as they are givers of life. Even a single branch of a large tree can weigh hundreds of pounds. In the event of a storm or regular decay of a branch, there is great risk of devastating injury. Branches can easily crush cars, roofs, and even unexpecting pedestrians. As the property owner, you could be responsible for the damage.

Sesmas Tree Service offers tree risk assessments as a part of our Lawrenceville tree service menu. A tree risk assessment is completed by one of our trained specialists and is intended to protect you from disaster. Our specialist will look for rotting, disease, decay, and other indications of risky scenarios. They will then go over some remedies for the situation. Do not wait! If you are worried or concerned, call Sesmas Tree Service now. We offer FREE consultations and FREE pricing estimates. There is nothing to lose nothing to lose by calling, but there is a lot you could lose if you do not.

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Tree Service in Lawrenceville

Reviews for Lawrenceville, GA

Overall Experience: 5 /5 - Tree Service Lawrenceville

I use Sesmas for all of my properties in my portfolio. With the recent storms last year, they were fast, honest and professional. They also removed several trees from my personal home and they were in and out! No complaints at all.

Why Choose Us ?

Local Tree Company
Locally Owned

Sesmas Tree Service is a locally owned & operated tree company offering professional tree services. Support local business.

Certified Arborists
Certified Arborists

Sesmas Tree Service is a licensed & insured tree company offering budget-friendly tree care services. Our certified arborists available to answer all your tree related questions.

Emergency Tree Service
Emergency Service

Our experienced tree experts offer most reliable emergency tree removal & tree care services. Request tree service whenever you need. Our staff will be there for you.

Customer Reviews


Matthew Keheley

Noel and his team at Sesmas Tree Service are extremely professional, do quality work, and are available when you need them. I have been using…


Evita Fikes

I absolutely love the work ethic displayed by Sesmas employees. They work hard and fast! My property looks amazing! This is the second time in…


Kathryn Arvidson

Sesmas did a terrific job for us on a project completed today involving the removal of 18 problem trees. Project was completed exactly as promised,…