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Do you need expert weed control services in your area? Look no further as Sesmas offers reliable weed control in Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Duluth, Buford, GA and all nearby cities.

If you have been battling with weeds that are taking over your lawn and beds you may feel overworked and underwhelmed with your results. Weeds can be pesky plants that are great at spreading and digging their roots in deep, causing problems with your wanted plants and making your lawn less healthy and attractive in general. The traditional method of dealing with this issue is back-breaking work; you on your hands and knees pulling the weeds out of the ground by the root, one at a time. This can prove to be a daunting task, specially if the weed problem has gotten out of control, but Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care is here to help. We offer our expertise in eradicating the weeds in your lawn, and we make sure they don't come back.

Weeds can be tricky because of the variety of species and the variety of places they grow. Of course, there are preventative measures one can take to make it more difficult for weeds to thrive. Weeds love the conditions that your lawn will hate and vice versa. This means keeping your soil rich of nutrients, proper water levels, and full of thick grass is a great way to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn. A major solution you can perform on your own is making sure to cut your grass on the tallest setting so the grass can grow longer. When this happens, the roots will grow long and thick as well, and take up too much room in the soil for weeds to sneak into your lawn.

If you are in the midst of dealing with your weed problems, the best solution for you might be a weed control application, or in other words, an herbicide. Pulling weeds in your lawn and beds can be time-consuming and, you're not completely removing the root, ultimately unsuccessful. Specialized weed control applications can target specific weeds while leaving the rest of your wanted plantlife alone. Spot-spraying troubled sections of weeds and covering the yard with a control application, as well as a pre-emergent, is what will do the trick with any lawn and garden.

If you're looking for a more effective and permanent solution for weeds, look no further than the experts at Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care!

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