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How to Know if You Have a White Pine Weevil Infestation

16 FEB 2022

How to Know if You Have a White Pine Weevil Infestation

White Pine Weevil is considered the most destructive pest in North America. This specific species target the eastern white pine and a range of other trees, including Norway, Colorado blue, Serbian spruces, and Australian pines. If your trees are infested with White Pine Weevils, they tend to be more susceptible to injury at just about three feet of height. Since they are fond of trees exposed to direct sunlight, you should schedule regular maintenance with a tree service provider to ensure any damage is prevented early. That's where Sesmas Tree Service comes in as your go-to tree care company when dealing with White Pine Weevil infestation.

Signs You Have a White Pine Weevil Infestation

The first and most common sign of a White Pine Weevil infestation is the presence of glistening droplets of resin found on the terminal leader of the host plant. This is usually a result of adults cutting egg-laying sites on the tree and punctures made during feeding. If you detect resin droplets or signs of damage, Sesmas Tree Service can help you make an informed decision based on the assessment made by our team of experts.

Although White Pine Weevil infestations are common, affected trees rarely die, and most of the damage is irreversible if you onboard professional tree service in time. Most of the damage is incurred during the larval stage, located under the bark of infested terminals. The larvae burrow and chew around the stem, resulting in wilting and death. Our experts can conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the magnitude of damage and recommend the most effective solution to get rid of the pest.

Management of White Pine Weevil Infestation

These pests are primarily attracted to the Eastern white pine, especially when the trees have a height not exceeding 20 feet. As the leading tree care company, Sesmas Tree Service has many solutions to prevent future infestation. Pruning infected parts and burning them is an effective solution to destroying the pest's lifecycle and avoiding dealing with an infestation in the future. It is vital to prune all the affected and damaged shoots and leave only one below the affected terminal to promote single stem dominance over the affected plant.

If you observe resin droplets in early Spring, this is a sign that adults are feeding. This prompts the application of insecticides to mitigate further damage. It is crucial to ensure that only the affected terminal leader is sprayed since other creatures like birds, insect parasitoids, and predators feed on these pests. A tree service expert can help you find the most effective treatment with the most negligible impact on the general wellness of your trees and lawn.


When handling pesticides, you need to have a clear understanding of the safety and directions to follow to avoid endangering children and pets who usually play in your yard. We guarantee quality tree service at a competitive market price. Contact us today at Sesmas Tree Service, and learn more about White Pine Weevil infestation.