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Should I Get Tree Insurance?

27 SEP 2019

Should I Get Tree Insurance?

If you have trees on your property, then you have surely wondered about the risks they pose to the structures around them. Trees are phenomenally heavy objects that can fall and crush homes, buildings, automobiles, and, worse, pedestrians. So, it is completely normal to consider insurance to protect you from these liabilities. Should you get tree insurance? Well, it depends. So, lets do some cost-benefit-analyses. If you have any specific questions or concerns, then please feel free to contact the arborist professionals at Sesmas Tree Service.

Check Your Home Insurance Policy

Most home insurance policies cover property damage caused by tree damage, but there are limitations to the coverage. Generally, your insurance provider will cover damage that is a result of unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances. For example, if your tree comes down in a storm or some other accident and damages a structure on your property, then the home insurance provider will likely cover the cost of the tree removal. If you want to remove the tree just because it is getting old or is not aesthetically pleasing anymore, then you may have tough luck. In short, accidents are likely covered but cosmetic resolutions are not.

What Home Insurance Policies Generally Do Not Cover

As mentioned earlier, home insurance providers will cover damage to your property that was caused by some accident or natural phenomenon out of your control. However, there is a lot that your home insurance policy does not cover. It is the homeowners responsibility to take care of the trees on the property. Dead or dying trees are insecure and threaten your property. Preventable situations will usually not be covered because you should have maintained the tree or removed it before the accident happened.

Also, costs of removals for trees that fall over but do not damage insured property will usually not be covered by your home insurance provider. These scenarios require the assistance of tree service professionals like Sesmas Tree Service. Luckily, Sesmas Tree Service is an experienced and affordable service provider in Atlanta.

How to Insure Yourself

The best insurance against tree damage is through prevention and regular maintenance. Decaying or dead trees are naturally more likely to fall over and cause damage. Hiring a professional arborist to perform tree services such as pruning, trimming, and others can strengthen your trees foundation and ensure its health. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. The price for tree service is far lower than the cost of repairing damage, removing a tree, and other associated costs. Sesmas Tree Service is a leading tree service provider in the Atlanta area. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Keep Your Trees Standing Tall with The Assistance of Certified Arborists

If you notice one of your trees is branching out too far and the branches or the tree itself looks unstable, then act quickly to hire a certified arborist. Sesmas Tree Service provides tree services from tree trimming to tree removals in all areas of Atlanta. Call us today for your free consultation and price estimate.