Sep 27 2019

Should I Get Tree Insurance?

Companies that offer tree services are often asked by homeowners and commercial premise owners whether to get a tree insurance cover or not. If you are about to get a homeowner insurance cover and you are wondering if tree insurance is necessary, you may want to consider several factors before making a final decision. You may want to contact us at Sesmas Tree Service for more information.

There are Several Trees in Your Property

You need to consider the details of your property when contemplating whether to get tree insurance or not. You may not need tree insurance if you have young trees that may not cause damages on the long run, on the other hand, you may need to consider tree insurance if you or your neighbor has a property with lots of trees within. You should also consider this insurance if the trees are located too close to the fence or the main building. Tree insurance will pay for the repair costs of damages caused by such trees.

If You Reside in an Area with Severe Weather

While some parts of the country may rarely suffer from severe weather conditions, other parts may not be that lucky. If you reside in regions prone to hurricanes, heavy rains, tornadoes, and flooding, high winds can topple and even break trees from their roots to cause damages on your property. The rains can cause flooding that can quickly erode the soil, causing the trees to fall without any notice. For all these reasons, you can benefit tremendously from tree insurance.

If You Want Peace of Mind

If you find yourself thinking too hard about a tree insurance cover, you can simply go for it, even if you don't reside in a severe weather region or you don't have too many trees within your property. If there are mature trees in and around your property, having a tree insurance cover will make you worry less about the costs of repairing the damages that can be caused in the event of the tree falling.

Get Assistance from Sesmas Tree Service

We offer a result-guaranteed tree removal service from our seasoned and fully-licensed arborists. From tree planting to tree pruning and tree relocation services, we do offer a comprehensive package that can save your trees from collapse or death. You may want to contact us if you have a tree or several trees that are too close to your property and may even fall at any time soon and cause serious damages. We do have several services that we can render to support structurally unstable trees and we can even provide treatments for diseased trees to revive them.

If your tree is still young and you probably want to find a much better location where it wouldn't grow to cause damages to your property, you can contact professional arborists at Sesmas Tree Service. We do offer round-the-clock tree service that will produce good results. Give us a call today at Sesmas Tree Service and we will be right there to assist you.

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