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Snellville, GA

Tree Service in Snellville

Trees are wonderful additions to any landscape, serving us with cool shade, fresh oxygen, and even delicious fruits. With proper tree care, those trees can be valuable assets increasing the value of your property by up to ten percent. On the flip side, neglected trees can create an unsightly landscape. Taking care of trees is not hard either. There are plenty of tutorials online. Better yet, Sesmas Tree Service offers reliable and affordable tree service in Snellville. If you are a homeowner or property owner in Snellville, GA, then call Sesmas Tree Service to schedule a flexible tree service appointment today.

Our certified arborists and tree care specialists offer a host of Snellville tree services ranging from tree trimming and tree pruning to tree cutting and tree removal. Give Sesmas Tree Service a call today for a free consultation and learn about how we can turn your trees into wonderful assets and enhance your property's curb appeal. We are always ready and happy to help.

We Can Spot Issues You Might Miss

The average person knows a tree when they see one but can struggle to differentiate a healthy tree from an unhealthy one. There are plenty of signs that indicate a tree is ailing, but those signs are worthless if you do not know what to look for. Catching those signs, however, can be the difference between a long-living tree and a hallowed trunk. Even if you do spot signs of insect or pest damage, simply spraying down the tree with chemicals can end up doing more harm than good.

Our ISA-certified arborists at Sesmas Tree Service are both experienced and equipped to identify and diagnose a host of diseases or pest and insect infestations. More importantly, they know how to properly treat the tree without bringing about further complications. Call Sesmas Tree Service today to have a qualified tree service professional inspect your trees and evaluate their health. We are happy to give you a report on their status and make necessary adjustments and treatments.

Trim and Prune Regularly

Tree pruning and tree trimming in Snellville are often mistaken to be the same thing. Though the two services are similar, they have subtle and important differences which we will review here.

Both trimming and pruning involve cutting branches, but tree trimming is more focused on the aesthetic of the tree while pruning is concerned about its health. With trimming, our professionals will give your trees a shape up and tidy the area up. If your trees are unbalanced and misshapen, then a tree trimming can be like a much-needed haircut to improve the trees appearance.

Tree pruning targets diseased, dying, or dead branches to ensure healthy tree growth and development. This service involves removing branches that usurp valuable nutrients away from the productive parts of the tree. It also prevents diseases from spreading to other areas of the tree. In short, tree trimming is like a haircut and tree pruning is like an amputation. Fortunately, trees have the wonderful ability to regenerate their limbs! Call Sesmas Tree Service to consult with a friendly professional and learn whether it is time for trimming or pruning. We are happy to schedule a flexible appointment today.

We Are Your Local Trusted Tree Removal Company

If you are looking for a tree removal company, then look no further. Though we specialize in tree care and tree service in Snellville, we also offer tree cutting and tree removal in Snellville.

We will be honest: we love and appreciate trees. We prefer to exhaust every option before settling for a Snellville tree removal, but we also understand that everyone has different goals. Whether you want to remove a tree because it poses a safety hazard or because you need to free up some extra real estate, the professionals at Sesmas Tree Service are ready to deliver quick, safe, and affordable tree removal in Snellville. Call now to schedule a flexible appointment or arrange an emergency dispatch.

We Cover All Areas of Snellville

If you are in Snellville looking through web results for tree service near me, then you are at the right place. Sesmas Tree Service is proud to offer reliable, affordable, and professional tree service in all areas of Snellville. We are just one call away!


Why Choose Us ?

Local Tree Company
Locally Owned

Sesmas Tree Service is a locally owned & operated tree company offering professional tree services. Support local business.

Certified Arborists
Certified Arborists

Sesmas Tree Service is a licensed & insured tree company offering budget-friendly tree care services. Our certified arborists available to answer all your tree related questions.

Emergency Tree Service
Emergency Service

Our experienced tree experts offer most reliable emergency tree removal & tree care services. Request tree service whenever you need. Our staff will be there for you.

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