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Green Waste Services

Green Waste Disposal & Recycling Services

When you think of recycling, you probably think of plastic, metals, and cardboard, but did you know tree recycling is just as important? If you are looking to do your part in creating a sustainable community, then consider green waste services and tree recycling in Atlanta. Sesmas Tree Service is proud to offer these services and we are happy to take your call and go over the process. This article should give you some insight into the process as well. Call Sesmas Tree Service any time to consult with a representative and learn more.

Keep It Out of Landfills

Curb appeal is a crucial component of your property’s value. Property owners who want to maintain or even improve the value of their property invest great time and money on their lawn. Mowing the lawn, removing weeds, and trimming trees and shrubs are just some of the necessary chores if you want a manicured lawn. But what do you do about the grass clippings, leaves, tree branches and limbs, and weeds? 

Of course, you can set them on the side of the road and wait for the waste collectors, but what happens later? Those perfectly recyclable, or compostable, materials are dropped off at the landfill where they take up space and are essentially wasted.
Opting for green waste services in Atlanta will make great use of those clippings, leaves, branches, and weeds. Call Sesmas Tree Service to schedule a pickup. We can be at your property quicker than the waste collectors might, and we will make sure your green waste is recycled.

Tree Recycling

At Sesmas Tree Service, we have a profound respect and appreciation for trees. They offer us so many benefits from shade and oxygens to fruits and aesthetics. This is why we prefer to exhaust every option before settling for a tree removal, but we understand that property owners sometimes have no other choice. A tree might be posing safety risks, taking up too much space on the property, or just does not fit with the overall concept of your lawn. In any case, we know that tree removals are sometimes necessary.

Fortunately, a tree removal isn’t all that bad. The remains of the tree can be reused for mulch, for example. If you want to make the most of your tree removal, then consider a tree recycling in Atlanta so that the tree is not wasted. You already know Sesmas Tree Service offers tree removal services, but did you know we offer tree recycling pickups as well? Give us a call any time to schedule a pickup. We are happy to come by and haul away those tree remnants so that you can enjoy your spacious yard.

Call Now for A Consultation

You probably have a lot of questions regarding green waste services or tree recycling. Well, the courteous representatives at Sesmas Tree Service are happy to take your call and address any of your questions and concerns. Call Sesmas Tree Service now to consult with a friendly specialist. We are ready when you are.


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