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A healthy lawn is like a recipe that calls for several important ingredients working together, including proper sunlight, the right amount of water, a nutrient-rich soil, and a fertilizer that can help the grass take advantage of all these needs. When it comes to fertilizing, you may be surprised to find the diversity it may take to cover everything. Your grass fertilizer cannot be used on your flowers, and your flower fertilizer cannot be used on your trees and bushes. Even when it comes to grass fertilizer, the type of grass you have may require a different fertilizer than your neighbor's. If you want to fertilize everything in your yard, your head might beginning spinning from how much you might have to do! Luckily, Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care is here to advise you on what kinds of fertilizers it is you require, as well a providing the services necessary to get the job done right.

Fertilizing your trees, shrubs, lawn, and other plantlife can make all the difference when it comes to a healthy yard. Fertilizing will give your plantlife the nutrients it needs to take advantage of its surroundings and grow into the healthiest form of the plant.

Many would assume that the fertilizer is considered the plant's food, but in fact fertilizer is nothing of the sort. Grass, flowers, trees and bushes all grow through photosynthesis, which is when plants produce their own food by a chemical reaction dealing with sunlight. So you may be wondering, if the plants produce their own food, then what will fertilizing my plants accomplish? When a plant is fertilized, the fertilizer is giving the plant the nutrients it needs to use their surrounding at their best to photosynthesis and secure their roots in the soil. You could think of fertilizer as the vitamins of the plantlife. It isn't food per se, but it certainly promotes health!

When you're ready for your lawn and garden to look its best, the experts at Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care can help. They are supplied with high-quality fertilizers for all your greenery. Our professionals know the best time of year to apply the right kind of fertilizer to make thick green grass, colorful flowers, and strong trees and bushes. Contact us today to find out how Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care can help your lawn be the talk of the neighborhood!

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