At Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care, we offer tree planting services to help your property look beautiful and complete. We know that you may have a lot of questions as to what kinds of trees you can have planted and where, and our arborists are more than happy to survey your property and advise you on the best options available to you.

What Trees to Plant

Do you know what kinds of trees thrive in Georgia's climate? Sesmas arborists certainly do, and they can provide professional advice on which trees would be best for your property. Are you looking for a tree that will provide a lot of shade when fully grown? Are you looking for a tree that produces fruit, berries, or attractive flowers? By consulting with our experts, you can get a good idea of what kind of tree will enhance your landscape best.

Where to Plant Them

Your sapling will be growing and taking up much more space as the years progress, which means you will need to be aware of how large the root systems will end up being, and use that measurement to stay away from sidewalks or structures that it could eventually damage.

The location of your tree also has aesthetic importance. You wouldn't want to plant a tree that blocks off your favorite view from your home or otherwise takes away from your curb appeal, so our Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care experts will work with you to give you the attractive and functional landscape you've been wanting.

Proper care for a sapling can be a very particular ordeal, and you must know the size of the hole you're going to dig, if you should add mulch around the tree, and the frequency at which to provide fertilizer and water to this new plant life. Sesmas arborists povide specialized care for your new tree to ensure that it grows as strong and healthy as possible.

Our experts provide tree planting for residential and commercial locations alike, from front and back yards to golf courses and outdoor spaces around buildings. If you're looking to have new trees planted on your property, call Sesmas today and let's get started working on making your outdoor landscape everything you ever wanted it to be!

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