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Are Bugs Killing Your Trees?

06 DEC 2021

Are Bugs Killing Your Trees?

With thousands of different species of bugs, there are some things that help your trees and there are some that hurt your trees. Some bugs help to enhance your tree’s growth and swarm off harmful bugs, and then there are always those bugs looking to kill your trees from the inside out. Does it seem like your trees are dying and you aren’t sure why? Give Sesmas Tree Service a call!

As a tree service company, we are here to help make sure your trees grow to their full potential. Whether you like the curb appeal that your trees add or you like the privacy, tree removal should never be your first option when dealing with a dying tree. Instead, you need to call our team to provide you with whatever tree care you need! We will determine what kind of tree service you need and do whatever it takes to nurse them back to health.

Our team has some tips for you if you are dealing with a case of tree-killing bugs. Keep reading to learn what they are!

4 Tips to Stop Bugs From Killing Your Trees

  • Provide your tree with the proper nutrition

When it comes to talking about bugs killing trees, it mostly means your tree is being properly hydrated or fed, and it’s attracting those annoying bugs. Making sure your tree is properly cared for is a great way to prevent bugs from killing your tree. This prevents your trees from ‘sickness’ or disease, reducing the risks of bugs killing them.

  • Look for signs of bugs

There is always a way to tell if bugs have infested your tree. Depending on the type of bug you’re dealing with, the signs may be different. But you’ll want to inspect the trunk of your tree and its branches. If you notice little holes in either area, you are dealing with chewing insects. Other signs to look for are defoliation, loss of needles or leaves, or your leaves dropping early.

  • Trim your tree

One way to decrease your chances of bugs killing your trees is by keeping your branches trimmed. Tree pruning is what keeps your tree healthy, and bugs don’t like healthy trees. Make sure you trim any cracked, dry, or damaged branches. If your tree has fruit and some of it looks rotted, trim those branches off.

  • Use oils to treat for bugs

Most tree service companies use pesticides to treat for bugs, but this solution also kills off the bugs you want coming around your trees. Instead, Sesmas Tree Service recommends you use plant oils to control bugs killing your trees. This will be effective for the target bugs, without harming the good ones.

Are you having issues with bugs killing your trees? Are you looking for tree care services from a reliable tree service company? Is your tree on its last root and you are now looking for a tree removal service? Sesmas Tree Service has just the thing for you! We offer a wide range of tree care including tree removal service. Call us today to learn more!