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Flower beds are a great place to accent the green of your lawn with something different, whether it is bushes, decorative trees, flowers, or anything else. Problems that can arise from pine straw or mulch involve weeds growing around your wanted plant life and taking away the nutrients from the soil. This can hinder your plant growth and make the area look unattractive. That's why a Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care pre-emergent application can prevent any such weeds from taking root in the beds, keeping your flowers healthy and the flower beds rid of pesky weeds.

A pre-emergent is basically an herbicide that will prevent any seeds from germinating in the area that it is applied too. This means invading weeds and crabgrass can be stopped in their tracks before planting roots in the soil around your lawn and gardens. The great thing about this pre-emergent is that it will not affect any plants that have already established a root system. A pre-emergent works by stopping the germination of a weed's seed by specially blocking a key enzyme needed to form the roots in the soil, while not harming the roots itself. Of course, if weeds have taken root already, you will need to pull them from the ground by hand, as a pre-emergent will not affect what is already grown.

To really get ahead of your weed and crabgrass problem, a pre-emergent is your best bet. Sesmas experts can apply pre-emergents twice a year, ideally during the spring and autumn. This will stop the seeds from germinating, leaving you to enjoy your favorite leisure activities instead of being on your hands and knees pulling weeds.

Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care offers pre-emergent and bed care that other companies can't beat. We provide prompt, thorough services a competitive rates and treat all of our customers' properties with the utmost respect. When weeds overrun an area, they're taking important nutrients away from the other plantlife. A quick application from us, and your beds will look clean and beautiful all year round.

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