Fungus Control

The second you see fungus towering over your grass, it may be frustrating knowing that the slightest touch of those mushrooms will spread spores all over your lawn causing more fungus to grow. By taking steps towards preventative care and with constant maintenance, you can be sure that fungus will no longer burden your lawn again.

Fungus can grow in moist areas, so you first need to make sure you are not over-watering your lawn. With standing water above the soil, you are practically putting a welcome mat down for fungus spores to settle on your lawn and grow. Keeping your lawn watered is important, but you also have to make sure you do not overcompensate. Fertilizing your lawn is also important, because soil with a low amount of nutrients is more susceptible to a fungus problem than others. Furthermore, keeping your lawn well-manicured and letting the grass grow longer will establish a healthy lawn, preventing other fungus roots from taking hold in the soil because your lawn will be rich of nutrients and with a healthy amount of water.

When it comes to the colder months, leaves will begin to cover your lawn. It is imperative to remove and mulch the leaves from your yard as soon as possible. Spores can easily be blown onto leaves for mold to grow on. The dead leaves, excess standing water, and mixed colder temperatures can create a real problem fora fungus-free lawn.

Aerating your lawn and using a fungicide is certainly your best option when it comes to battling fungus issues in your lawn. Determining the type of fungus you have and what fungicide will work the best can be time consuming, but will produce the best results than simply pulling them out of the ground or removing them with gardening tools. In some cases, leaving the mushrooms alone can be a good option as well. As long as you maintain your yard in a healthy manner, you can expect the fungus to die off quickly as it does not thrive well in the conditions set for a grass lawn.

If you're having problems with fungus growth, or you simply want them gown without spreading more spores around the yard, you can count on the professionals at Sesmas Tree & Lawn Care to provide your lawn with the care it needs. Fungal infections will not stand a chance when faced with our expert treatments!

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