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Top DIY Tree Trimming Mistakes

21 MAR 2023

Top DIY Tree-Trimming Mistakes

Tree trimming is essential for maintaining healthy and lasting trees. When performed correctly, it can enhance the aesthetics and well-being of your trees. However, many homeowners need more knowledge and expertise to trim trees in their backyards successfully. While handling tree trimming by yourself is commendable, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can cause irreversible damage. When you want to take care of your trees, we recommend hiring a reliable tree care company. At Sesmas Tree Service, we leverage extensive industry experience and expertise to provide exceptional trimming services. Here are common mistakes DIYers make.

Over Trimming

A common mistake homeowners make when trimming is to overdo it, especially in the growing season. This leaves the tree vulnerable to diseases and reduces the tree’s ability to produce food and grow. We recommend consulting a tree care company to prevent severe limb and subsequent property damage. Taking off too much during pruning allows wood-decaying fungus to grow and causes irreversible internal damage. We can design a pruning schedule based on your tree’s age, size, and overall well-being.

Tree Topping

Another mistake most DIYers make during trimming projects is cutting the top of a tree, also called topping. While it may not seem a significant cause for concern, it increases the risk of toppling. Topping is usually performed on overgrown trees to reduce height, but it adds stress to trees and increases the risk of sudden falls. Topped trees usually sprout weak, suckering branches that easily break. It is advisable to cut these branches to control tree size and appearance.

Severe Cuts

Every cut inflicted on the tree during pruning is a wound that creates a gateway for infection and infestation. We urge homeowners to handle invasive tree care and maintenance during winter to minimize damage. Use the proper tools to deliver sharp, precise, and well-placed cuts. Steer clear of flush, sub, or heading cuts, leaving the tree vulnerable to pests and diseases. If you don’t have the tools or skills to trim trees, hire a professional tree service to handle the heavy lifting.

Trimming Any Branch

The primary goal of trimming trees is to eliminate damaged, dying, or dead branches. These factors determine how much to trim and the angle of the cut. If you are still determining any of these, hire an arborist for professional help. You can unintentionally cause severe tree damage, resulting in death and costly removal services. Cutting the wrong limb can also increase susceptibility to diseases and insect infestations.

Using the Wrong Tool

As mentioned, using the wrong tool and lack of skill is a significant factor in unsuccessful DIY tree-trimming projects. Although most tools can be purchased or rented, the technical skills to safely use them can compromise the entire project. Avoid dull or old tools that shred the bark, causing irreversible damage.

The best option in tree trimming is to hire a dependable tree service provider. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule an appointment with our expert arborists. Leverage our skills and innovative equipment to guarantee precise and safe trimming without breaking the bank.