Jun 4 2019

What Your Tree Leaves Are Telling You

Thankfully, the abundance of rainfall and nutrient richness of our soil gives us the opportunity of experiencing the beauty and convenience that comes with having different species of trees.

However, the trees can't communicate to you when they are malnourished or having health challenges, but through some subtle clues from their leaves, you can identify stressed or unhealthy trees in your property. Here are some signs by the tree leaves that will help you protect and care for your leafy investment.

The unusual color of tree leaves or leaf scorch

Leaf scorch is the term used when the leaf margins and tips of your leaves turn brown or when you notice that the veins are becoming dark and yellowy. It is a sign that your tree is not healthy and may lead to wilting and abscission of your leaf.

Three factors could cause leaf scorch:

Deficiency of vital nutrients like iron and manganese or dryness of the soil (meaning that the tree needs more water) is the cause of nutrient-influenced tree scorch. If not detected by a professional, bacterial leave scorch is dangerous and can kill the tree.

Leaf scorch caused by hot temperatures or sunburn is known as environmental-influenced leaf scorch. It's hard to identify the particular type of leaf scorch affecting your tree, endeavor to call a professional at Sesmas Tree Service.

Early leave drop

The transformation of tree leaves is expected every autumn. The trees come up with beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red leaves. In fact, it's usually amazing and a sight to behold!

However, when your leaves start dropping much sooner, probably before the fall season; it is a telltale sign that the tree is infected or stressed.

If your tree leaves are falling prematurely, we recommend you increase the watering activity and if it continues, call tree care specialist at Sesmas Tree Service for help.

Holes in leaves

Sudden holes in the flower leaves indicate insect infestation and can cause the leaves to drop. Pastes or insects like caterpillars and beetles are always the culprits when you notice holes in the leaves of your tree.

But such a situation should not be overlooked because insect infestation can negatively affect the health of your tree.

Wilted or curling leaves

If your tree leaves are curling inwards, drooping or drying out, then the more common problem could be under-watering. This could pose a threat to the health of the tree. However, the leaves of pothos and other plants show up such signs, and they will perk up once they are watered regularly.

Help your tree by reaching out to professionals

Pay attention to the leaves of your trees if you desire them to blossom and to reach their expected life span. You can reach out to tree care specialist at Sesmas Tree Service to come over and evaluate as well as identify what is wrong with your tree. As long as you've got a need to care for your tree, we've got the solution, and there is no limitation to the services you will get when you work with professionals at Sesmas Tree Service.

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