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Can a Diseased Tree Be Saved?

14 MAR 2023

Can a Diseased Tree Be Saved?

Trees are living things that need regular care and maintenance. Healthy trees add life and color to the environment, so we recommend scheduling routine maintenance with a trusted tree care company. A diseased tree can go undetected for a long, causing further deterioration and tree death if you don’t act on time. If you suspect a tree in your backyard is diseased, Sesmas Tree Service can help you assess, diagnose, and detect the problem before things get out of hand. We leverage extensive industry knowledge to identify minor signs of deterioration and recommend viable solutions. Here are ways to salvage a diseased tree.

Identify Signs of Disease

Most people only identify signs of a disease once the damage becomes more pronounced and compromises the overall well-being of the trees. While diseased trees can be difficult to pinpoint during the initial stages, delaying care can cause premature deterioration and death. Our arborists have years of experience and identify signs of disease before taking a toll on your trees. We assess your trees to determine the cause of the problem and recommend solutions to prevent damage and salvage your trees. Call a tree care company to ease concerns when you notice signs of damage or disease.

Identify the Problem

Once your trees show signs of infection, the next step is identifying the cause. It is challenging to pinpoint the cause of tree disease if you lack the knowledge and experience of a professional tree service company. Hence, working with a professional tree care company allows you to use their experience to assess and diagnose a tree problem. Early detection is critical in identifying the cause of the disease and taking the steps to mitigate spreading. The last thing you want is a diseased tree compromising the well-being of surrounding healthy trees.

Correct Watering Issues

Inadequate irrigation increases susceptibility to diseases. Although mature trees can survive longer with little water, saplings need regular watering to grow healthy and sturdy. Ensure the tree site has good drainage and water the tree for at least two minutes so that you don’t drown the soil. If you don’t have time to water your backyard manually, we can help set up automated sprinklers to mitigate the risk of under and overwatering. The right amount of water goes a long way in ensuring a diseased tree gets enough water to grow and prevent diseases.

Proper Mulching

Another effective way to save a diseased tree is to apply mulch properly. Mounting mulch material around a tree can cause further damage, affecting the well-being of your trees. Mulch should be three to four inches thick, providing essential nutrients to grow healthy trees. One of the common reasons trees are prone to diseases is a lack of nutrients, and mulching can ensure your trees have vital minerals and nutrients to avoid fungal and bacterial infections.

If you suspect a tree in your yard is diseased, contact us at the Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We provide various tree care and maintenance services at competitive market rates.