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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

29 MAR 2023

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

Summer is around the corner, and homeowners are preparing their lawns. As you work on your grass and gardens, it is crucial to assess the state of your trees. Trees may be big and strong, but they are susceptible to damage, and after many months of winter, we recommend hiring a tree care company for inspection. While minor damages aren’t a significant cause for concern, you risk safety hazards and property damage in the long run. If you have a dying or dead tree, the best option is to hire the Sesmas Tree Service to remove it. However, will homeowners’ insurance cover it?

Insurance Policies and Tree Removal Coverage

For homeowners’ insurance, different companies have varying policies. If you are a policyholder, your responsibility is to understand the insurance policy’s terms. Keep a copy of the insurance terms with other pertinent documents, allowing you to review it if a situation calls for it. Having your insurance agent’s information to file a claim is also a good idea. This goes a long way in ensuring you know what to do when you schedule tree removal services with a local tree care company.

Normal Property Maintenance

Insurance companies expect property owners to uphold a certain level of maintenance that guarantees safe premises. With that in mind, dead or unhealthy trees may not be covered because they are your responsibility. If you suspect a potentially problematic tree in your backyard, you will also be liable for the damages on your property and your neighbor’s.

Many insurance companies cover disasters that are not a result of negligence. As a homeowner, investing in routine trimming and pruning can help keep your loved ones safe and prevent lawsuits from injuries. Consult a professional tree service for advice before removing trees to determine if you or your insurance will cover the expenses.

Fallen Trees

Homeowners’ insurance usually covers tree removal and home repairs after a tree falls. This may include sheds, vehicles, detached garages, and outbuildings, but you should check with the insurance company. Most policies cover tree removal if it damages your home and surrounding structures on your property. If it lands on the lawn, you must pay a tree service in Duluth to handle removal. Other causes of falling trees that are covered include storms, ice storms, fire and lightning.

Schedule Regular Tree Trimming and Maintenance Services

The best solution to avoid extra costs and mitigate tree-related safety hazards is to hire a professional tree care company for routine inspections and maintenance. We leverage industry-standard equipment and extensive knowledge to assess, detect, and address minor signs of deterioration that can affect the overall well-being of your trees. Our arborists know different pruning techniques for each tree type, preventing common errors associated with DIY trimming projects.

If you need help to remember your last tree maintenance, contact us at the Sesmas Tree Service and talk to our representatives about an assessment. Our team of arborists works with you and your coverage provider to ensure you get the financial relief you deserve.