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What Are Hardwood Trees?

31 JAN 2023

What Are Hardwood Trees?

Trees are naturally hard. So, what are hardwood trees? If you are wondering if the trees in your backyard are hard trees, consult a professional tree care company. At Sesmas Tree Service, we believe understanding the type of trees you have in your backyard goes a long way in ensuring you provide the proper care and maintenance. There are many types of trees across the United States that fall under this category, each with its specific requirements to maintain optimal health and development. If you have trouble pointing out hard trees on your premises, you have come to the right place.

Hardwood vs. Softwood

Hardwood trees, also called broadleaf, are classed as an angiosperm. These are plants with enclosed ovules for fruit protection. The ovules develop into seeds when watered appropriately on fertile soils or when a unique fertilizer mix is applied. Hardwood trees are usually deciduous and have compound or simple leaves.

The key differences between hardwood and softwood trees include density and texture. As mentioned, most hardwood trees are deciduous, like maple and elm, meaning they lose their leaves annually. However, softwood comes from evergreen or conifer trees, such as spruce and pine. Hardwood trees are denser and harder because of the slow growth rate, while softwood trees grow fast, leaving little time for the wood to harden.

Common Hardwood Trees

Hardwood trees have developed into a wide range of species. Some common hardwood species in North America are maple, oaks, hickory, beech, birch, and cherry. These trees usually shed their leaves annually, and a reputable tree service can ensure they remain in tiptop condition year long. Choosing an ideal type for your landscape can be challenging with all the different hardwood trees. Here are common hardwood trees found in the country.


A mature ash tree has pinnately compound leaves and a grey-brown bark. The United States has an array of ash trees, but the most common species among property owners are white and green ash trees. Ash trees thrive in the eastern regions, but regular maintenance by a reputable tree care company can ensure they grow in your yard regardless of the climate or soil conditions.


Beech trees are popular hardwood trees commonly identified by their thin grey bark and oblong, dark green leaves. Between September and October, they produce brown fruits, which attract a range of birds and small mammals. However, these creatures don’t threaten the tree’s well-being or the safety of your premises.


The basswood, also called the bee or honey tree, can grow up to eighty feet tall. The tree produces bright yellow flowers in the summer, attracting bees because of the excess pollen. These trees are characterized by broad pyramid or oval-shaped crowns. Besides improving the aesthetics of your backyard, basswood trees are used to make dental veneers, wood pulp products, and carvings.

These are some common hardwood trees found in residential and commercial properties. If you need help to maintain your hardwood, contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and talk to our professional tree service providers. We guarantee exceptional services at competitive market rates.