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When is the Best Time of Year to Plant Trees?

05 APR 2022

When is the Best Time of Year to Plant Trees?

Trees are a vital part of the environment and play a crucial role in enhancing the appeal of your lawn. Most people looking to bring their landscape together by planting trees fail to consider the time factor, which is crucial, especially when planting various trees. If you have tried to plant trees but end up with shriveled tree seedlings, hiring a professional tree care company might be time. At Sesmas Tree Service, we have an experienced and qualified team of professionals ready to help you with quality tree service and pertinent information for a successful tree planting project. Here are some important factors to consider when you want to plant a tree.

Plant Evergreen Trees in the Spring

It is important to research the type of tree you intend to plant to ensure you get the timing right and maximize the chances of healthy growth. The ideal time to plant evergreen trees is in the Spring, when the temperatures are moderate, giving the tree a chance to get established. Spring also comes with some rain, providing the developing roots with sufficient water needed for growth. Planting evergreen trees outside the spring season lowers the chances of survival, but reaching out to a professional tree service for more information and maintenance can help provide it with the care it needs.

Plant Maple Trees in the Fall

Maple trees are common in most homes and add to the aesthetic value of the property and landscape. Maple trees prefer partial shade and well-drained soil to grow appropriately. Planting maple trees in fall ensures that the tree is safely in the ground before it starts to freeze and maximizes the shade present during this time.

If you want to plant maple trees another time apart from fall, it is advisable to consult a professional tree care company. Since Spring is the only time ideal for tree planting, scheduling regular maintenance with a professional tree company helps you maintain a healthy tree despite the climatic and soil conditions.

Plant Fruit Trees in the Spring

Fruit trees are a welcomed addition to the landscape of most homes because of their beauty and delicious fruits. If you intend to plant a fruit tree in your home, then Spring is the ideal time. The goal is to get the tree in the ground during the early months of Spring or late winter as long as the ground is not frozen. Trees that bloom relatively quickly, like blueberry and raspberry, do better when planted late into Spring.

Fruit trees require a lot of sunlight and sufficient water, available during Spring. It also ensures they get nutrients to grow and thrive, ensuring you maintain healthy trees. A tree care company can help you maintain your trees throughout the year, alleviating any concerns about stunted growth and drying. Contact us today at Sesmas Tree Service, and schedule an appointment with our experts.