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The Best Trees You Can Plant in the Fall

22 OCT 2023

The Best Trees You Can Plant in the Fall

When landscaping and enhancing the beauty of your property, planting trees is a fantastic way to do so. Fall is an ideal time plant trees, as the cooler temperatures and moist soil provide the perfect conditions for root development. If you want to add life to your yard, the certified arborists at Sesmas Tree Service can help. As a seasoned tree care company, we recommend planting the following trees in the fall.

Elm Trees 

Elm trees are cherished for their graceful, arching branches and striking foliage. They are well-suited for planting in the fall because they can establish strong root systems before the winter freeze. Elms come in various species and cultivars, such as American Elm and Lacebark Elm, each offering unique characteristics. Their leaves turn vibrant shades of yellow and orange in the fall, adding color to your landscape. Consult a trusted tree service provider if you need help to determine which elm species is ideal for your yard. 

Honey Locust Trees 

Honey Locust trees are known for their fine, airy foliage and impressive adaptability. Planting them in the fall allows roots to develop before winter, ensuring a robust growth spurt come spring. They are valued for their delicate, fern-like leaves, which turn a beautiful yellow in the autumn. Honey Locusts are also known for their drought and urban pollution tolerance, minimizing the risk of environmental damage and premature tree removal emergencies. 

Crabapple Trees 

Crabapple trees are a popular choice for fall planting, thanks to their stunning blossoms in the spring and colorful fruits in the fall. These trees offer many cultivars with unique features, such as flower color and fruit size. Planting crabapple trees in the fall allows them to establish strong roots and prepare for their spectacular springtime display. In autumn, the leaves can turn shades of yellow, orange, and red, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere in your yard. Call a professional tree service for an inspection if you notice color changes in the summer. 

Hawthorn Trees 

Hawthorn trees are renowned for their fragrant blossoms in the spring and vibrant red berries in the fall. Fall planting is an excellent choice for hawthorns, giving them time to develop sturdy roots before winter arrives. These trees are also highly valued for attracting birds and pollinators to your garden. Their fall foliage exhibits warm shades, such as red, orange, and purple, making them a visually appealing addition to your landscape.  

Linden Trees 

Linden or lime trees are known for their heart-shaped leaves and nectar-rich flowers. Planting lindens in the fall allows them to establish a robust root system and thrive in various soil types. These trees are an excellent choice to create a shaded area in your garden, as they have a broad, dense canopy. Linden trees often produce small, round fruits in the fall, and their leaves turn a vibrant yellow, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Before planting lime trees in your yard, please consult a tree care company to ensure it is the best option.

Planting trees in the fall can be a rewarding endeavor that enhances the beauty and value of your property. By selecting the right tree for your environment and taking advantage of the favorable planting conditions in the fall, you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of these trees for years to come. Contact us at the Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our arborists to access quality services, including planting, pruning, and tree removal.