Nov 15 2018

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Remove a Tree?

Trees are good for several purposes, which include relaxation and for protecting the home and valuable items such as automobiles from the scorching sun. while it is important to take care of the tree around your home, it can be heartbreaking to know that cutting certain trees is inevitable, especially when the trees have become hazardous and a treat to the lives of people and properties. Sesmas Tree Service offers professionally trained arborists who specialize in all manners of tree cutting and tree care services. You can know when it`s time to remove a tree when you witness one or more of the following;

Too many overhanging tree branches

Too many overhanging tree branches can pose serious security treats especially during storms and some other natural disasters. Once you contact an arborist for a professional evaluation, you may be advanced to cut a tree with too many overhanging branches in your yard.

The wrong species or wrong location of the tree

Most homeowners don`t call professional arborists when trees are planted in their homes, hence they end up planting the right tree at the wrong place. Most of these issues are normally discovered when home renovation or improvements are being conducted, contact an arborist from Sesmas to help you make the right choice of species and the right location to plant a tree in your home. Planting the wrong species of trees may cause a stunted growth of the tree and will eventually look unsightly around your home. Different tree species require different climatic conditions and environment for them to thrive.

Issues with invasive roots

Nobody knows when invasive tree roots can become problematic, especially to plumbing and sewer lines but a professional arborist understands that certain tree species can become invasive because their roots grow horizontally. In some cases, a tree with an invasive root may not be entirely removed from your yard the roots will not affect your home foundation, plumbing or sewer lines. It is important to contact a professional arborist for a thorough evaluation.

Diseased or extremely weak tree

A diseased tree may become a treat to the lives of the inhabitants of a home, especially when the tree is not responding to treatments. When a diseased tree starts to show signs of distress, including rotten roots, discolored leaves, and weak branches, then it may be the right time to remove it. If your tree is suddenly becoming weaker or showing signs of distress, please contact us at Sesmas for a thorough inspection and we will advise on whether to remove the tree or perform some other necessary handling to salvage the situation.

We may also recommend the removal of a diseased tree if there is a fungal growth in and around the tree or pests invasion that can extend into the home. We do have certified arborists who handle all kinds of tree species and understand the need of each tree as well as the environment in which they are growing.

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