Dec 28 2018

Choosing the Right Space to Plant a Tree

There are several reasons why you should plant a tree. A tree can provide clean air, conserve energy, preserve the oil, add value to the home and even provide food. It is equally important to know that not all trees are suited for all planting location. When considering where to plant a tree within your property, please contact Sesmas Tree Service to make sure the right location that will support the longevity of the tree.

Choosing the right tree for the job

The first question you should ask is what exactly is the job of the tree you are planting. A large leafy tree may be the ideal consideration if you want to create a cooling shade. You may also consider an evergreen tree close to the perimeter fencing of your property to provide some privacy and shelter, especially during the windy days. You may want to consider the street trees along your roadways in order to reduce runoffs created by heavy rainfall -- these trees will enhance the beauty and value of your home. Evergreens can also block the light glare of passing cars from reaching your home. 

In order to choose the right tree shape and reduce maintenance costs, please contact Sesmas Tree Service.

Choosing the ideal tree for space

Trees will surely deliver, only when they are planted in the right place. They must be planted at locations where they will not cause damages to their surrounding and infrastructures, they must be planted where there will be no long-term issues.

The tree size is one of the factors to consider when planting a tree. It is important to think about the height and width of a tree at maturity. For instance, the tree must not be planted where it will disturb power lines or obstruct views. Similarly, the spread of its branches must not pose serious dangers to the roof of the house and the extending root should not damage the home plumbing system and community utility lines. It is very important to consider the physical space a tree will occupy at maturity, this is the reason why a professional arborist must be contacted.

It is equally important that you consider the potential liter that will be created by a tree. Deciduous and fruit-bearing trees will normally leave lots of liters behind one season after the other. Similarly, leaves falling from the trees can also create clutter inside the swimming pool. Some fruit trees can also attract animals, including birds and reptiles who feed on such fruits.

Contact Sesmas Tree Service just before you start digging

You may not be aware of utility lines around your property and this is the reason why it is important to contact a professional arborist before digging and planting your tree. Utility lines such as gas, electric, sewer, and water lines must not be cited under growing trees, and you need to check such in order to avoid penalties or fines from your local government. Contact Sesmas Tree Service today for efficient and safe tree planting location. 

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