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Why Are My Trees Dying?

18 JAN 2023

Why Are My Trees Dying?

Like most living things, trees have a lifespan that culminates in death. However, we can enhance their durability by providing routine care and maintenance. If you are a homeowner, working with a professional tree care company is the best way to protect your trees. At Sesmas Tree Service, we have experienced and skilled arborists ready to help you maintain a healthy yard.

Over the years, we have handled many tree death cases, giving us a deeper understanding of causes and ways to prevent them. Tree hazards come in varying forms, such as soil compaction, accidents, excess use of herbicides, under or over-watering, and more. Here are the causes of tree death to look out for.


Various storms, automobiles, and lawnmowers cause tree damage or injuries. Even if you are careful parking your car or tending to your landscape, storms can occur anytime, causing irreversible damage. If you have a DIY tree care project lined up, be careful when using weed trimmers and lawn mowers to prevent root or bark damage. It is vital to hire a reputable tree service after a storm for inspections, allowing us to detect, diagnose, and address any signs of damage before it gets worse.


Chemicals benefit trees when used properly, but improper use can cause severe damage and compromise the tree’s health. Many people rarely follow the manufacturer’s instructions on application, resulting in deterioration until the tree is wholly overwhelmed and dies. The most effective way to eliminate guesswork when dealing with potentially harmful chemicals is to hire a tree care company.

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is a process that takes a lot of time, and it can take time before affecting your trees. Luckily, routine inspections by a trusted tree service provider allow you to detect the problem early and take necessary measures to improve aeration. Compacted soil deprives the roots of oxygen, causing severe damage and, eventually, tree death. If the soil in your yard is compacted, we recommend applying mulch and preventing soil disruption around trees.


Water is crucial for the growth and development of trees, but it can be harmful. Many people turn on their sprinklers and hope for the best, which isn’t always the best option for your trees. We recommend checking the soil moisture regularly to prevent under or overwatering. Both scenarios can cause tree damage and eventually affect the entire tree. Even with an automatic irrigation system, routine checkups by tree service experts can ensure your yard gets sufficient moisture yearly.

Improper Pruning

Pruning is a crucial maintenance practice that helps improve tree growth and health. However, many pruning techniques are suited for different trees and circumstances, hence the need to hire a professional arborist. We leverage innovative equipment and expertise to provide nothing short of exceptional tree care and maintenance. DIY pruning can easily take a turn for the worse, causing severe tree damage and, eventually, death.

Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and talk to our professional tree service experts about maintaining healthy and lasting trees. We guarantee top-quality services at pocket-friendly rates so you can maintain an appealing and safe home.