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What Should I Do If My Tree Is Touching a Power Line?

27 APR 2024

What Should I Do If My Tree Is Touching a Power Line?

Building near power lines may not raise concerns initially, but trees touching or brushing against utility cables can cause devastating damage. While trees add beauty and value to a property, their proximity to power lines can create serious safety hazards, prompting emergency tree removal services. If you find a tree on your property is touching a power line, the experts at Sesmas Tree Service can assess the problem and recommend effective strategies to prevent electrical hazards and potential property damage. Here’s what you should do if a tree in your yard touches a power line. 

Assess the Situation Safely

The first step is to assess the situation from a safe distance. Do not approach or touch the tree if it is in contact with a power line. Tree service experts recommend staying at least 30 feet away from the site to avoid electrocution or death. If you prefer a hands-off approach, work with certified arborists to detect visible damage, such as broken branches or signs of burning, and determine if tree trimming or complete removal are viable options. 

Contact the Utility Company

Once tree service experts identify the contact area, they may collaborate with your local utility company to enhance safety. Utility companies can dispatch trained technicians to handle situations involving trees and power lines safely. If the contact is not considered a safety risk, schedule a planned tree pruning session to mitigate such incidents. 

Avoid Attempting DIY Solutions

Attempting to address a tree touching a power line on your own is extremely dangerous and should be handled by a trusted utility or tree care company. Do not use ladders, poles, or other tools to dislodge the tree or contact the power line. Even a minor DIY tree trimming can risk electrocution and subsequent injuries or death. 

Follow Utility Company’s Instructions

When the utility or tree care company arrives on the scene, follow their instructions carefully. Technicians will assess the situation, determine the best course of action, and take steps to remove the tree from the power line safely. This may involve de-energizing the line, trimming or removing branches, or, in extreme cases, cutting down the entire tree. Cooperate with utility personnel and provide any help or information they may require expediting the remediation or tree removal process.

Preventive Measures for the Future

After the tree is safely removed from the power line, expert technicians often recommend preventive measures to avoid similar incidents. These include tree pruning, regular inspections, and removal to maintain a safe distance. Consult with certified arborists or tree care professionals for guidance on proper maintenance and risk mitigation strategies.

Suppose a tree touches a power line on your property. In that case, it can be a concerning situation, but knowing how to respond can make all the difference in ensuring safety and preventing accidents. Contact Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our experts to address the issue effectively and minimize the risk of electrical hazards and property damage.