Nov 28 2018

Replanting Young Trees

There comes a time when you need to replant a tiny sap tree that has grown into a full young tree, especially when you envisaged the tree roots will grow beyond its immediate location. You should contact Sesmas Tree Service if you can't handle such replanting, and if you can, make sure you consider the fall season to establish a new location for the young tree, for certain reasons. 

Dig the right hole just before uprooting the tree

Make sure the new location for the tree is determined ahead of time, keep in mind that trees are at serious risks of dying as soon as their roots are uprooted. Make sure you choose the right location that is a distance away from the concrete foundation of your home. Similarly, make sure the new location is a safe distance away from plumbing systems, and make sure you avoid breaking the soil below the new location to avoid the tree sinking while it grows and expands.

Remove the tree carefully from its present location

Kickstart the removal of the tree by digging around the root's perimeter and avoid starting with the base of the trunk to prevent damaging the roots. Slide the shovel beneath the root ball and place the tree in the container for transplanting. 

Replant and water the tree

Make sure you place the root ball into the new hole cautiously and make sure it stands in a straight and upright position. Place some soil into the hole in order to cover up the root and eliminate air pockets by tamping the soil down. Water the tree well and add some 2-3 inches of mulch around the sides of the tree but avoid adding mulch to the trunk in order to discourage pests and promote air circulation.

Monitor the tree in its new environment for signs of distress

While some trees can adjust quickly to their location, some trees don't. In this situation, you should contact Sesmas Tree Service for a professional evaluation of a tree that has just been transplanted. You need to keep watering and trimming the tree while watching for signs of trouble. You need to monitor the growth of the leaves since you are transplanting the tree in the fall season. If you notice a significant drop in the growth of new leaves or the leaves begins to yellow, then you must contact a professional arborist for professional tree care services.

Sesmas Tree Service offers 100% reliable and efficient tree replanting and other tree care services

If you want a completely safe and error-free tree planting, all you need is a professional, certified arborist who can choose the right location for the transplanting of the tree and help reduce the risks of the tree contracting pest infestation and other myriads of problems. Sesma arborists are available 24/7 for emergency and non-emergency tree transplanting and tree care services.

Give us a call today and let us inspect your trees and suggest the most ideal way of preserving it and prolonging its lifespan while protecting it from all hazards.

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