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Tree Trimming and Removal Guide

12 JUL 2022

Tree Trimming and Removal Guide

Tree removal may be an intrusive and rigorous process, but tree trimming is equally difficult and dangerous if it is not done properly. If you are considering conducting a DIY tree maintenance project, ensure you have the proper tools to do the job safely. Property owners need to be aware of falling branches and overhead power lines to prevent the risk of damage and electrocution. It is crucial to understand basic tree trimming safety to avoid the risk of potential accidents during the project.

Tree trimming and removal involve pruning, lopping, removing, repairing, and maintenance using standard industry tools for enhanced efficiency. It also involves ground activities such as root pruning, stump grinding, and wood chipping. Sesmas Tree Service can help you take care of lawn trees that have recreational, functional, ecological, social, environmental, or aesthetic value.

Tree Trimming Safety Guide

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to trimming safety, from identifying branches that need to be removed to picking the right time for the project. We recommend following a trimming safety guide, especially when dealing with large branches near buildings or power lines, and removing dead, dangling branches. Here are tree trimming safety tips to help you ensure the safety and health of your loved ones and team.

Choose a Day with Perfect Weather

The perfect weather for trimming or pruning trees is usually early winter or late fall. While most tree care experts recommend early winter for deciduous trees, evergreen trees should be pruned lightly at the end of winter, also referred to as the "maple sugar time." Bare branches provide a clear view of the entire structure, allowing you to detect branches that need maintenance easily.

Check Out for Potential Hazards

A tree care expert can help you assess potential hazards and recommend ways to mitigate the risks. Assess for hazards on the ground and the tree, such as broken limbs and proximity to electrical lines. Call the utility company to have the power turned off and potential electrical hazards alleviated before breaking ground on the project.

Use the Right Tools

It is critical to ensure you have the right tools for the job by closely assessing the magnitude of the project and the processes involved. Suppose you lack the tools to conduct tree trimming or removal safely; hire a professional tree service for safety and efficiency. With over 60% of tree-related accidents associated with inadequate equipment, we leverage cutting-edge tools to prevent this from happening.

Use Protective Equipment to Avoid Accidents

Whether using a trimmer or chainsaw, ensure your hands are protected by wearing leather lineman’s gloves and a hard hat or helmet for your head. We recommend wearing slip-resistant shoes to reduce the risk of accidental falls. If there are power lines near the tree, ensure the hard hat is non-conductive to avoid electrocution.

Hire a Tree Care Professional

A tree care company has a trained and experienced team ready to do all the heavy lifting, ensuring everything is done professionally. When you hire Sesmas Tree Service for tree trimming or removal, you are guaranteed top-notch services at pocket-friendly rates. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with our technicians.