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What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Home

01 MAR 2024

What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Home

Determining the best course of action can be confusing when a tree falls on your property. The entire tree removal and insurance process is frightening and overwhelming, requiring the expertise of a professional tree care company. At Sesmas Tree Service, we leverage extensive expertise and knowledge to mitigate further damage and ensure everyone’s safety. Whether preventive measures like tree trimming or entire removal services, we can ensure your premises are safe. Here are vital steps to follow when a tree falls on your home.

Safety First 

The immediate priority is to ensure your safety and everyone on the premises, including pets. If the tree causes structural damage to your home, call a tree service expert and evacuate everyone to a safe location outside the house. Professionals can collaborate with your utility service to handle downed power lines or gas leaks, mitigating hazards and costly emergencies. In addition, arborists assess the severity of damage and determine if tree removal is necessary.

Assess the Damage 

As mentioned, after ensuring your loved ones are safe, arborists can assess the extent of the damage. However, you can inspect for any visible structural damage to the roof, walls, or foundation of your home. Take photographs or videos to document the damage, as this will be helpful for your tree care company to file insurance claims. If the tree has caused significant structural damage or you are unsure of your home’s safety, stay away from the affected area until professionals have inspected it.

Contact Emergency Services 

After documenting the damage, call a tree service provider, the fire department, and the utility company if necessary. If the fallen tree has caused a gas leak, an electrical hazard, or any other danger, notify the proper authorities for help. Emergency responders will assess the situation, secure the area, and provide further guidance on what steps to take next.

Call Your Insurance Provider 

The cost of repairs and replacements can be overwhelming, so notify your homeowner’s insurance provider as soon as possible to report the incident and start the claims process. Provide all relevant information, including photographs or videos of the damage and any documentation related to the incident. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, our tree service experts can work with your coverage provider to plan for repairs or temporary housing, if needed, as work continues. 

Hire Professional Tree Removal Services 

Once the immediate safety concerns have been addressed, hire professional tree removal services to remove the fallen tree from your home safely. Attempting to remove the tree yourself is dangerous and may cause further damage to your property. Certified arborists leverage innovative equipment and expertise to remove the tree and mitigate any additional risks safely. We can also schedule routine tree trimming and pruning to maintain healthy and safe trees. 

Assess and Repair Damage 

Last, assess the remaining damage to your home and start repairs. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need the expertise of contractors or specialists to repair structural damage, replace roofing materials, or restore any other affected areas of your home. Work closely with your insurance provider and tree service to ensure quick repairs and schedule preventive measures like tree pruning.

A tree falling on your home is stressful, but following these vital steps can help you manage the situation and minimize further damage effectively. Contact us at the Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our experts. We provide comprehensive services to restore your home to pre-damage condition, including tree pruning, trimming, and removal.