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Tree Protection During and After Construction

19 APR 2024

Tree Protection During and After Construction

Construction projects symbolize growth and development, whether a new building or renovations. However, these projects can pose significant risks to trees on and around the site. If you have a construction project, consult a trusted tree care company to follow proper precautions, mitigating damage to the root system, trunk, and canopy. Even if it doesn’t raise concerns initially, delaying professional intervention can cause severe deterioration and tree removal emergencies. Sesmas Tree Service can help you minimize the effects of construction activities on trees through careful planning and implementing protective measures to ensure long-term health. Let’s look at the importance of tree protection during and after construction. 

Pre-construction Assessment

Before breaking ground on any construction project, schedule a comprehensive assessment with a professional tree care company. This initial inspection includes an inventory of all trees on or near the construction site, including their species, size, and health. In addition, certified arborists can identify any protected or heritage trees subject to legal regulations, ensuring a tailored protection plan to address your site’s needs without risking unplanned tree pruning and removal projects.

Protective Fencing and Barriers

Once a protection plan is in place, tree service experts can recommend installing protective fencing or barriers around trees to protect them during construction. These physical barriers prevent heavy machinery, construction materials, and foot traffic from encroaching on the tree’s root zone and canopy. Tree trimming or pruning can ensure ample space for root expansion and minimize soil compaction. 

Root Protection Measures

Healthy roots are critical for long-term health and stability. However, construction activities, such as excavation, trenching, and compaction, can damage tree roots, compromising their ability to absorb water and nutrients. We recommend working with certified arborists to implement customized root protection measures, such as root pruning, root bridges, and root barriers, to minimize root disturbance and maintain root functions. 

Trunk Protection

The trunk of a tree is essential for growth and development since nutrients and water reach other parts via the trunk. However, it is vulnerable to damage during construction, especially from accidental collisions by machinery or construction vehicles. You can wrap it with a padded barrier or install protective fencing around the base to provide an effective barrier to protect the trunk from mechanical injury. Also, monitor the trunk’s condition regularly throughout construction to identify and address any signs of damage before things worsen and require premature tree removal.

Post-construction Care and Monitoring

Even after construction, ongoing care and monitoring are essential to ensure continued health and vitality. This includes regular watering, mulching, fertilization, and tree pruning to support root recovery and promote fresh growth. We recommend collaborating with a qualified tree service provider for guidance on post-construction maintenance practices tailored to the specific needs of your trees and site conditions.

Protecting trees during and after construction requires proactive planning, diligent implementation of protective measures, and ongoing care and monitoring. By prioritizing tree preservation and employing effective strategies to mitigate the impact of construction activities, you can ensure optimum health and longevity. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our experts to access exceptional services, from tree trimming to removal, at competitive rates.