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The Basics of Seasonal Tree Maintenance

08 NOV 2022

The Basics of Seasonal Tree Maintenance

As we say goodbye to the warm summer weather and fall approaches, it is crucial to prepare your trees for winter. Sesmas Tree Service is a reputable tree care company with extensive industry knowledge to help you provide your landscape with the care it deserves, so you boost growth next spring. Schedule maintenance with a trusted tree service provider if you have a strict schedule and lack time to give your trees some TLC before it gets cold.

We leverage state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the quality of service and guarantee healthy, durable trees. Consult our experienced arborists and start winter preparations before it’s too late. Different trees have varying needs, and we can help you prepare your trees for the harsh winter weather. Here are tips we can help you tackle to maintain healthy trees throughout the year.

Fall Fertilization

The shift from hot summer to cold winter can take a toll on your trees as vital nutrients in the soil are lost. However, you can boost tree health by applying a slow-release fertilizer to ensure your trees regain the essential nutrients lost over the summer. There are different fertilizers, and choosing the wrong one for your yard can compromise the overall well-being of your landscape. Eliminate any guesswork from the process by working with an experienced tree service in Dacula, GA. We can help you apply the fertilizer to restore nutrients and improve resistance to potential dangers like insects, diseases, and environmental hazards.


Since winter may not be the ideal time to water your trees, fall provides the perfect conditions to give your yard a hearty watering. Trees are dormant during winter, so it’s crucial to ensure they are correctly hydrated. We recommend subsurface watering to reach the roots for optimal absorption and growth effectively. This is the ideal hydration technique if you have newly planted trees, lack an irrigation system, and have trees that need relief from drought.


Arborists recommend planting trees in the fall because the temperatures are cooler, and there’s no stress from the sun. This is important, as it allows saplings to build root mass to prepare for the winter. Planting in the fall will enable you to refresh the mulch, restore moisture, and regulate soil temperatures. Mulch should be applied at least 3 inches thick to prevent soil clamping and root suffocation without compromising the plant’s overall wellness.


As you prepare for winter, conduct routine inspections to ensure trivial issues are detected before they get out of hand. Most signs of deterioration often go undetected until it is too late, so you should schedule checkups with a reliable tree care company. Our trained experts can inspect for common culprits like diseases, insects and safety hazards. This allows us to diagnose and recommend a viable solution to the problem.

Winter weather is tough on humans and all living things, including trees. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We guarantee exceptional tree care and maintenance at competitive market rates.