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What are the Dangers of Cutting Tree Roots?

08 MAR 2023

What are the Dangers of Cutting Tree Roots?

The root system in trees serves vital functions, such as supplying vital nutrients and water to support growth. Roots are excellent food reserves that help trees grow healthy foliage during spring and provide anchorage year-long. These are some of the many functions tree roots have, and that’s why Sesmas Tree Service recommends routine care is critical to ensure the entire tree is healthy.

Although roots are essential in tree growth and development, they can spread across the yard and compromise your home’s and utility lines’ structural integrity. If you suspect roots clogging your plumbing or damaging your home’s foundation, consult a tree care company before cutting them. Improper root pruning can cause irreversible or fatal damage to your trees. Here are the dangers associated with cutting tree roots.

Reduced Vigor

As mentioned, roots are critical in absorbing and transferring nutrients and water from the soil to the rest of the tree. If too many roots are cut, the tree can lose vigor because of an inefficient supply of nutrients needed for growth. While the damage may not be instant, look for telltale signs such as branch dieback, yellowing foliage, and stunted growth. Healthy trees can recover from the loss of vigor through proper care, but factors like age, environmental conditions, or disease can compromise full recovery.

Disease and Pest Infestation

Cutting tree roots reduces the tree’s vigor and increases susceptibility to diseases and pest infestations. Trees distressed by cutting down roots are easy targets for fungal infections, such as rots and wilts. If you recently conducted a DIY root pruning project, look out for scale insects and signs of deterioration before the damage becomes more pronounced. A reputable tree service can help you determine if your trees sustain the combined attack of pests and diseases and recommend a viable solution.


Cutting a wide tree root affects the overall structural integrity, posing a safety hazard during storms and strong winds. One of the primary functions of a root system is to provide support and prevent the tree from drooping precariously. A tree hanging too close to your home or changing its position after cutting the roots is a sign you need professional help. Our tree care company can assess the severity of damage to determine if it is stable or ease safety concerns by removing it. Nothing is for frustrating than coming home to a fallen tree and the hefty cost of repairs.

What You Need to Know Before Root Pruning

A common mistake DIYers make is cutting roots for aesthetic purposes. You may end up causing fatal damage to your trees rather than enhancing curb appeal. If the trees in your yard are damaging your home’s foundation, walkways, and other structures, hire a trusted tree service provider for professional solutions. Leverage our industry knowledge and experience to maintain a healthy landscape and safe home.

Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our certified arborists. We can assess the condition of your trees and safely prune menacing roots with minimum damage. Let us help you grow healthy trees and maintain curb appeal without breaking the bank.