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Fast Growing Trees for Privacy

29 MAY 2021

Fast Growing Trees for Privacy

Trees have so much to offer our world, our health, and even our property. A well-kept tree provides oxygen, shade, fruits, aesthetics, and even privacy! Thats right: you do not have to put up with those big brown fences that are eye sores anyway. Instead, plant some fast growing trees to get privacy without the cost of ruining the aesthetic of your yard. Sesmas Tree Service knows a thing or two about trees and we are happy to suggest some trees and shrubs which are fast growing and dense. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to hire an ISA-certified arborist, then call Sesmas Tree Service and get in touch with a friendly representative today.

Fast Growing Shrubs

Shrubs and bushes are made for this. They are fast-growing, dense, and tie the landscape together. Though there are a countless number of options, we are going to mention just a handful of great, fast growing shrubs for your landscape:

  • North Privet: Americas fastest growing hedge, the North Privet, can grow up to three feet per year. Its dense, dark, and glossy foliage give a formal appearance but this shrub should be sheared early and often so that it develops thick layers of branches for year-round privacy.
  • Forsythia: You dont want your private abode being gloomy, do you? The forsythias bright yellow flowers are sure to brighten up your yard. The forsythia are some of the earliest spring flowers and grow about two feet per year.
  • Mock Orange: The mock orange will give you the best of three worlds with its quick growth, beautiful flowers, and citrusy smell.
  • Nelly R. Stevens Holly: Lets add an evergreen for good measure. The Nelly Stevens Hollies can grow up to three feet per year and reach a mature height between fifteen and twenty-five feet. That should be enough, right?

Fast Growing Trees

Okay, maybe you have a two- or three-story home with similarly large houses around. A few feet of shrubs are not going to cut it. In this case, you are going to want some fast growing trees:

  • Leyland Cypress: Even if you do not know it by name, you have certainly seen them if you ever strolled through a premier neighborhood. This beautiful, slender evergreen can grow up to four feet per year to a height of up to sixty feet!
  • Hybrid Poplar: If you do not have time to spare, then go with a hybrid poplar. These towering trees can grow up to eight feet per year, reaching a maximum height of around 50 feet.
  • Silver Maple: For those who do not want to plant tree after tree, there is the silver maple. These massive trees grow up to seventy feet tall and forty feet wide!

Need Professional Maintenance?

Privacy is valuable, and if you want your shrubs and trees to provide the best value, then you must maintain them with regular pruning and trimming. Sesmas Tree Service is proud to offer professional tree care in the Atlanta area. Call Sesmas Tree Service to consult with a representative today.