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How to Remove a Root Ball

15 NOV 2022

How to Remove a Root Ball

The compact mass of soil and roots forms the root ball. If you want to do some landscaping projects that entail transferring plants from one place to another, it is important to ensure it remains intact. This is easy when dealing with small plants, but removing huge plants requires professional help. At Sesmas Tree Service, we have a professional team of tree service providers ready to help you remove a plant’s root ball and provide pertinent information for a successful DIY project. Failing to remove the root ball properly can compromise the plant’s well-being, hence the need to work with a reputable tree care company.

Why Should You Remove a Root Ball?

As mentioned, the root ball is essential for a tree’s survival. With that in mind, it is crucial to ensure trees grow naturally. However, roots can damage essential utilities and infrastructure, so consult a tree service provider to prevent costly repairs. Many homeowners grow plants in pots before transferring the entire mass of soil and roots to the ground, allowing for strategic planting to mitigate such issues.

Roots can damage utility lines above and beneath the ground, especially if it is partially uprooted during a storm. In such cases, hire a tree care company to remove the root ball and plant the tree elsewhere rather than chop it up. We leverage standard industry equipment to carefully remove a root ball and safely plant the tree in another suitable space. If you are considering a DIY root ball removal, some tools you need include loopers, a spade, a grub hoe, a root saw, and a tractor with a blade attachment.

Guide to Remove a Root Ball

The first step is to measure the trunk’s circumference to help determine the width and depth you should dig. Professional tree service providers recommend digging 12 inches in width for every inch of the diameter. Once you have the measurements, dig the soil to remove the tree ball. However, if you prefer a hands-off approach, you should onboard a tree care company for professional help.

After extracting the root ball, we prefer setting it on a thick trap before wrapping it to prevent root damage and keep moisture. This goes a long way in keeping the entire plant safe as you transfer it to a new location. If you are unsure where to replant it, you can rely on us to do all the heavy lifting. We uphold maximum professionalism, from removing the root ball to preparing the designated area and replanting. Check if the trunk is upright before filling the hole and saturating the planting site with water.

Hire an Arborist

Like most living things, plants need regular care and maintenance to maintain optimal health. Whether you are moving a small or huge tree, we have the experience and tools to do the job. Avoid property damages and injuries associated with DIY projects by hiring a professional tree care company. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service, and schedule an appointment with the best in the business. We aim to help you improve the health and quality of your landscape without breaking the bank.