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Can I Trim My Neighbor’s Overhanging Tree Branches?

04 MAY 2022

Can I Trim My Neighbor’s Overhanging Tree Branches?

A common occurrence that often sparks confusion among neighbors is when there are overhanging tree branches over your property. Most people find themselves questioning their rights regarding the branches portion of the tree in their home, and that’s why it is advisable to consult a reputable tree care company to avoid hefty fines. At Sesmas Tree Service, we consider state and county law when dealing with overhanging tree branches to determine which rules apply to your situation. Here are general rules regarding overhanging branches on your side of the property.

How to Tell if a Tree is on Your Property

Before purchasing a home, one is usually required to hire a professional property surveyor to conduct a survey showing you the boundaries of your property. This goes a long way in determining which trees fall on your neighbor’s property line and those on your property. If a tree trunk is within your property line, it becomes part of your lawn, but those that don’t are your neighbor’s responsibility. Once you have established where the tree lies, hiring a professional tree service for maintenance is the next step.

Boundary Disputes

Trees at the edge of the property make it hard to determine who is responsible for providing care, which can raise disputes if the branches are hanging on both properties. A survey of the properties needs to be done again to establish physical markers of the property. If the tree lies in the middle of the boundary, such a rare case calls for shared responsibilities in maintaining the tree. This means that any act of removing the tree needs to be agreed upon by both parties, and a tree care company can help provide the required services with minimal damage to both properties.

Known Hazards

Before attempting any maintenance on overhanging tree branches, regularly check your property for signs of rot or disease. Failure to do so can weaken the branches, which leads to hazardous falls and damage to your property. If the tree was on your property and caused damage to your neighbor’s property, you are responsible for maintaining it and paying for repairs.

If you detect a neighbor’s tree that you feel is hazardous, you should talk with them about hiring a professional tree service for maintenance before things get out of hand. It also prevents legal action against your neighbor, filing a legal complaint with your town to remove it.

Overhanging Branches on Your Property

When the tree trunk is on your neighbor’s property, the responsibility of cutting the branches that extend to your property falls upon you. You can trim any branches on your property line, but ensure you don’t damage your neighbor’s tree in the process. It is advisable to hire Sesmas Tree Service to handle maintenance and prevent damage to your property and household members. We guarantee top-notch services at a pocket-friendly rate. Call us today and schedule an appointment with our team and learn more about dealing with overhanging tree branches.