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An Inside Look at an Arborist’s Toolbox

18 MAY 2022

An Inside Look at an Arborist’s Toolbox

If you have ever attempted a DIY tree maintenance project, you know the inconveniences and risks of lacking appropriate tools for the job. Tree maintenance requires specific industry equipment for enhanced efficiency and safety, and that's where Sesmas Tree Service comes in as your go-to tree care company. Our professional team of arborists is well-trained and equipped to handle anything thrown at them when it comes to working in nature. Whether you need help maintaining the specimen from various trees, cleaning up after a weather disaster, or safely removing trees interfering with your daily activities, we've covered you.

While most people barely think about what the arborist intends to do, others wish to know how these tasks will be accomplished and the tools needed. Professional tree service providers tend to use similar tools for various jobs, and we can help you understand how an arborist does their job. Here are some of the tools inside the toolbox of a tree care expert.

Mechanical Tools

The primary goal of using mechanical tools is to enhance the efficiency of any job, allowing an arborist to focus on vital factors like precision and safety. Some mechanical tools that allow tree service experts to do their jobs easily include lifts, bucket trucks, shredders, and stump grinders. Most of these tools are not easily accessible to homeowners and cost a lot of money if you want to rent or purchase them for your next DIY project. The easiest solution is to hire a tree care company and enjoy professional services at a reasonable price so that you don't end up with expensive tools collecting dust in the shed.

Safety Devices

Anyone with little can conduct tree care practices with zero training, but what about protecting the structures and trees on your property? Whether it's pruning or cutting down trees, an arborist can guarantee the safety of your property and those around you without compromising quality. Some of the safety devices used include safety glasses, climbing rope, gloves with extra grip, rigging, climbing spurs, and hard hats. Hiring a professional tree service goes a long way in ensuring your lawn is in tip-top condition, with minimum to zero damage or injuries.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

A vital part of any tree service program involves trimming and pruning. These practices enhance the safety of your property, the aesthetics, and the health of your lawn. We can assess the type of trees and shrubs in your lawn to determine the appropriate time to conduct these practices and to maintain a lush lawn all year. Some of the tools used include hand pruners, hedge trimmers, hand saws, and loppers.

Regardless of all the tools at their disposal, our arborists have sufficient training to conduct any maintenance practice. If you are looking for a reliable tree service company, it is crucial to check the credentials of the arborists. Call us today at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule an appointment with our team for quality services at a pocket-friendly price.