May 15 2019

Does My Tree Need More Water?

Trees are planted to enhance the curb appeal and improve the value of our homes, provide shed during summer as well as improve air quality. Trees can't communicate directly to the homeowner about its thirsty roots, but it will give subtle clues for you to decode.

If you're a tree-savvy person but not informed about moderating the water needs or methods to take good care of your tree, you could end up overwatering or probably deny it from getting the right amount of water. Therefore, it is paramount that you know the red flags that signify the lack of water in a tree.

So how much water does a tree need?

Several factors determine how much water a particular tree needs to grow and be healthy. They are; location, elevation, soil, climate condition, age, size, and, the type of tree or species.

However, newly planted trees require more water to develop their root system adequately. Therefore, we recommend that you supply more water to the younger trees at least twice a week to help their root system get established.

These are the few tell-tale signs that show your mature tree needs more water:

The above signs could also be symptoms of more severe problems with your tree. If you're not sure that the signs are caused by lack of water, call tree care specialist at Sesmas Tree Service to schedule tree removal or any type of tree care services in your area. However, the noteworthy point is that trees need more water than the grasses in your lawn or plants in your garden. So you need to water the trees deeply and consistently.

How to know that your trees are overwatered

Though trees need adequate water to flourish, overwatering your tree will hinder it from breathing, and these are some signs you are overwatering the trees:

Methods to identify whether the tree gets an excess or little amount of water

The first method is to identify the soil type and its permeability. Since you're not an expert, insert a screwdriver to know how tight the soil is.

Secondly, you can dig up to eight inches with an ulger to collect the soil sample. Test the soil to know whether it is wet, drenched, or budged.

If it is wet, you're probably over watering the tree and drenched soil is a sign that the roots of your tree could be thirsty.

The right way to water your tree

If you have identified that your tree is lacking water, an important thing to know is that the roots of your tree grow deep inside the soil and wetting the soil surface will not provide the needed amount of water. Therefore, you need to install a drip system that trickles water down gradually and also provides the right amount of water the tree needs by.

Call Sesmas Tree Service, if you want to provide your tree with sufficient that will reach deep into it's roots. We will also evaluate your tree and give you expert tips to make it look healthier.

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