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How to Prevent Exposed Tree Roots

21 SEP 2022

How to Prevent Exposed Tree Roots

A tree’s roots are one of the most important things as it keeps them alive. These roots absorb and transport water plus any sort of nutrients directly to the tree to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes these trees find it difficult to find their nutrients in dense soil underground, this leads them to going upwards to the surface which is easier for them to find water and oxygen.

This is the reason for roots appearing above ground, although it is common in certain species of trees. In this blog post our team from Sesmas Tree Service will talk about how to prevent these roots from growing above ground.

Smother in Nutrients

As we said before, these roots squirm above ground since they weren’t able to find the nutrients they needed underground. Smothering and layering the roots in mulch is a way to try and make them go back underground.

Mulch is material laid out on top of soil to improve the fertility, nutrients, health, and moisture. By applying this material all over the roots, you’ll end up covering them. As the roots slowly go down over time, visually, there won’t be any roots to see as the mulch is doing its job.

This is a course of action to take as these roots can be a safety hazard while walking on your property or mowing the lawn.

Trimming The Roots

Spreading mulch isn’t the only solution to this problem, trimming is also a reasonable way to solve the issue.

Majority of residents assume trimming the tree’s roots will kill it. That is assuming you do not cut too deep. With the proper precautions, you can trim the above-ground roots without harming the tree.

There is a certain way to trim these roots and with the right tools. Having a pruning saw will be very helpful. Be sure to mark the area you will be working on to avoid trimming unwanted areas. After that, dig up a hole on the marked area until the root you want to trim is completely visible. Now this is where your pruning saw comes in handy. Using your pruning saw, cut the root cleanly and carefully. After you have cut the root, slowly pull it up and away from the tree until it disconnects fully.

Once you have followed all of these directions, you’ve successfully trimmed a tree’s root. Although you’re done with trimming, there’s an aftercare part to this too. If you have soil or mulch available for use, fill up the hole you dug, so the trimmed root can receive as much nutrients as it can.

Watering Soil

We’ve mentioned before that the reason these roots appear above ground is due to the soil and lack of oxygen. Trimming and mulching isn’t the only solution as watering is one too. For roots to be healthy and stay underground, the soil has to be shallow. It gets hard for these roots to breathe when the soil is hardened with minimum nutrients. Doing something as simple as watering keeps the soil shallow and encourages smoother root growth.

Looking For Advice?

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