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When to Trim Evergreens

23 APR 2021

When to Trim Evergreens

Trimming your evergreens is important for various reasons. Apart from maintaining plant health and ensuring your evergreens look attractive all year round, it helps to control the growth of your plants.

Knowing when to trim your evergreens is important because tree trimming at the wrong time can impact the health of your evergreens and interfere with their growth.

What Is the Best Time to Trim Evergreens?

The best time to trim your evergreens is late winter or early spring because the plants are not actively growing. So this allows the plants to go into natural dormancy, after which the new shoots will emerge rejuvenated. But its never a good idea to trim your evergreens too early in the winter because your plants can easily die if the temperature drops below freezing.

You can also trim your evergreens in mid-summer when theyre semi-dormant.

Avoid Trimming Evergreens in The Fall

If you trim your evergreens in the fall, the new growth may not harden off before winter, hence the plants will be susceptible to winter injury. Even though evergreens trimmed in the fall may look attractive, the new foliage will be weakened. However, this may vary from one type of evergreens to another. For instance, evergreen shrubs such as boxwoods, holly, yew, bay, camellias, and daphne should be trimmed in late winter or early spring when theyre dormant. For pines, they should be trimmed anywhere from early June to early July, but you can trim to correct damage any time of the year.

When to Trim Flowering Shrubs

The best time to trim flowering shrubs depends on when and how they bloom. For flowering shrubs that bloom on new growth that will occur in the coming spring, the ideal time to trim such shrubs is in winter and early spring. Examples of such flowering shrubs include summersweet, roses, smooth hydrangeas, and dogwoods. But for those that form their flower buds on growth from the previous year, the best time to trim such shrubs on late spring or early summer. Examples of such flowering shrubs include lilacs, clematis, and sweetspire.

Additional Trimming Tips

  • Trim your evergreens on a dry day rather than when it's damp or wet because dampness can encourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Avoid trimming your evergreens in late summer because the new growth may be killed by the cold that comes after summer.
  • Evergreens are not all alike, so youll need to seek advice from an Atlanta tree service if you are planning on trimming.

What Happens If You Trim Evergreens at The Wrong Time?

Trimming evergreens at the wrong time can stress your plants resulting in weak foliage or even lead to the death of plants. If youre unsure about the best time to trim your evergreens, its advisable to consult with a dependable tree service in Atlanta.

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If youre planning to trim your evergreens, its best to call an experienced tree service in Atlanta. Let our knowledgeable and experienced arborists at Sesmas Tree Service help you.