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What Time of Year is Best for Tree Trimming?

25 MAY 2022

What Time of Year is Best for Tree Trimming?

Summer is usually characterized by green and lush lawns, time outdoors, and sunshine. It is vital to consider trimming with healthy greenery to ensure your lawn is safe and aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t know where to start when trimming trees on your lawn, Sesmas Tree Service has got you covered. Our tree service providers have extensive experience and expertise in ensuring that trees are trimmed at the right time to avoid deterioration or death.

A professional tree care company usually recommends trimming between leaf color change and flowers blooming in spring, but small regular trims can be conducted throughout the year. However, if your trees require major weight trimmed, Winter is the ideal time for such a huge undertaking and gives the tree sufficient time to grow. Summer is not the ideal time for most tree maintenance services, but if you detect an issue that needs to be addressed, it might be time you consider hiring a reputable tree care company.

Why You Shouldn’t Trim Trees During Summer

The summer heat might not be ideal for tree trimming, but if you detect a safety risk like dead, hanging, or broken branches, the experts at Sesmas Tree Service can help you with the project. One of the reasons why trimming in Winter is not recommended is the fact that the fullness of the leaves can hide the branches with issues, making it difficult to assess the damage.

Most yards tend to be softer during this time of year, causing a lot of damage to your yard, especially if you lack the appropriate tools and expertise. If you trim a tree and leave it with open cuts, it becomes susceptible to diseases, pests, and drought conditions. Summer also stresses trimmed trees due to the scorching heat, leaving them with little time to repair themselves. While most trees are not ideal for summer trimming, others do well under such conditions. Some of the trees trimmed in summer include walnut, maple, and birch trees since they tend to ooze sap, making it difficult to prune due to their sticky nature.

The Benefits of Winter Tree Trimming

Most trees and greenery are dormant during Winter, alleviating concerns like insects, diseases, rot, and decay. This is one of the main reasons why trimming in Winter is recommended by most tree service professionals because the trees aren’t growing, and the few leaves make it easy to assess for damage.

When you hire a tree care company to trim your trees in Winter, it gives them a better chance of recovery during Winter, reduces the damage to your landscape, and provides easy access. Winter reduces significant damage to by diseases and your yard, saving you a lot of money that would be used to re-landscape.

Are you concerned about the well-being of your trees but don’t know where to start? Contact us today at Sesmas Tree Service for top-notch tree care and maintenance. We guarantee quality services at a competitive price.