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Best Time of Year to Remove Trees

05 DEC 2018

Best Time of Year to Remove Trees

At Sesmas Tree Service, caring for and maintaining trees is a passion. The last thing we like to think about is removing a majestic tree and we prefer to exhaust all options before resorting to removing the tree. However, sometimes the only option is to remove the tree. Other times, the homeowner or property owner insists on making room for another tree or something else. Though a tree can theoretically be removed at any time of the year, there are factors that go into deciding the best time of the year to remove trees.

Safety First

Trees can grow to over a hundred feet tall and weigh tons. Their branches as well as their roots can grow far and wide as well. If a tree is leaning, has upheaving roots, or is growing toward utility lines and poles, then it important to either prune the tree or remove it for your safetys sake. If a tree falls over and damages property or harms an individual, then the responsibility can rest on your shoulders. Do your part and call Sesmas Tree Service to have any precarious trees inspected regardless of the time of the year or professional tree removal services in your area.

Diseased and Infested Trees

Tree diseases and infestations can spread just as diseases spread among humans. A lot of times, especially if you catch the disease or infestation early on, you can have the tree treated with fungicide and other formulas. Pruning and trimming are a little more severe but can be necessary to prevent the spread of the disease or infestation to other parts of the tree. Certain diseases and trauma can damage the tree beyond repair, though. These include a decaying trunk, fungal tree disease, or serious insect infestations. For the sake of nearby trees, you will want to remove the infected tree as soon as possible.

Removing During Winter

Aside from the scenarios in which the tree poses a risk to nearby property, pedestrians, and surrounding trees and plants, the best time to remove the tree is during the dormant season, usually between late winter and early spring. Heres why.

Dormant trees are leafless and therefore easier to handle. It will be a more simple and quick job for the arborist. Decaying and dead trees are also riskier in the winter as snow and wind increase the risk of the tree or branches breaking off and falling. Finally, if the tree is going to be removed anyway, then removing it during the winter will save nutrients in the soil for plants and trees that are going to stick around. Still, even these factors can change based on the type of tree. For best results, call Sesmas Tree Service to consult with a professional or schedule budget-friendly tree removal services in your area.

Hire an Arborist Today

If it is time to remove a tree, then call the professionals at Sesmas Tree Service to get in touch with an ISA-certified arborist. It might even be that we can resolve your problem without removing the tree. In any case, we are always happy to provide consultations and schedule a flexible appointment.