Jan 10 2019

Why Should You Hire an Arborist?

The main duty of an arborist is to take care of trees. They have the knowledge and tools to provide adequate care for all tree species. Investing in proper care for your tree should make you choose an ideal arborist who can handle such tree care especially if you want your tree to remain attractive and valuable. You should know that poorly-managed trees will become a liability while the pruning or removal of larger trees can become extremely dangerous. If you need a well-trained and certified arborist to take care of your tree, please contact Sesmas Tree Service.

Who is a certified arborist?

An arborist is an individual trained in the art of planting, caring and maintaining trees.  Being a certified arborist means the skills of the arborist have been tested and confirmed to ensure that they can practice their jobs professional. Popular certification organizations such as the ISA are available for arborists to become certified and become members. We are pleased to tell you that all arborists who work for Sesmas Tree Service are certified, hence we can assure you that they can handle all tree services challenges. 

What services can a certified arborist provide?

A certified arborist can provide all essential and non-essential tree services. These include; tree pruning, tree removal, emergency tree care, Tree planting, Tree health care services, and consulting services.

Tree pruning is a service whereby the certified arborist can determine the type of pruning a tree deserves in order to maintain or improve its health, appearance and its safety.

Tree removal may be the last resort when it comes to tree care. There are certain circumstances when it becomes necessary to uproot a tree completely from a region of your home (such as your yard). It is the duty of an arborist to determine whether a tree should be removed or not.

Emergency tree care can only be performed in a very safe manner if an arborist is involved. Tree emergency care, for instance, may be needed when a tree is becoming a risk to a building or passerby. 

Most arborists are trained to plant new trees and they can also recommend the most appropriate tree species that can survive at different locations within the home. It pays to consult an arborist while you are planning to plant a new tree, or you want to transfer a tree from one area of the yard to another. 

Plant health care service is a preventive tree service, rendered by certified arborists. Preventive maintenance is a plant health care service that will ensure that the tree remains in good health while reducing the threat of diseases, pests and other onsite problems.

Consultancy services such as assessment of tree risks, and other services such as cabling and bracing of trees, are equally provided by certified arborists. Sesmas Tree Service offers comprehensive tree services that guaranty the success of your trees, and we make sure that your tree receives the most adequate care that will sustain its health.

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