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Benefits of Mulch

30 SEP 2021

Benefits of Mulch

Mulch does so much more than just make your garden beds look refreshed and clean during your spring cleanup. While mulch adds curb appeal and beauty to your landscaping, it also has long-term benefits to your home and your garden beds. The team at Sesmas Tree Service wants you to know just how important mulch is to your landscaping, and why you need it for your landscaping, your plants, and even your trees to thrive and grow!

Are you a new homeowner looking to bring your garden beds back to life? Are you thinking of redoing your landscaping in the spring season? Are you wondering why mulch is so important for your landscaping? Make sure to keep reading – Sesmas Tree Service is going to tell you all about the different benefits of having mulch in your yard.

5 Benefits of Mulch

1.  Natural weed killer

Not only does mulch add so much beauty to your garden beds, but it also helps kill weeds that are sure to grow. Weeds are the enemy of your garden beds, and by simply laying mulch around your plants, you are lessening the amount of work you’ll have to do weeding your gardens each week. If you want to eliminate weed growth as much as possible, Sesmas Tree Service recommends laying 3-4 inches of mulch each spring season.

2.  Earthworms

Did you know that you actually want earthworms to live in your garden beds? Because they dig tunnels underneath your plants, their tunnels allow air and water to seep deeper into your soil, enhancing your plant’s growth. They also help to break down leaves and other organic materials that fall into your garden bed. Earthworms are a sign of healthy soil!

3.  Temperature change

Depending on the different temperatures you experience in a year, your mulch actually helps to regulate those different temperatures. When temperatures get high, your mulch helps to keep your plants cooler, and when it gets colder, your mulch helps to keep them warm. Cool, right?

4.  Water retention

One of the biggest benefits of laying mulch around your plants and trees is that mulch helps to retain water. You still need to water your plants, but laying mulch around them will help keep them hydrated and healthy for much longer.

5.  Vital nutrients

Over time, your mulch will decompose naturally, and that’s exactly what you want in your garden beds. As your mulch breaks down, it provides your soil with the vital nutrients it needs for a long and healthy future of aiding in plant and tree growth.

Are you looking to lay mulch in your garden beds but you aren’t sure if it’s necessary? Mulch benefits your landscaping and garden beds probably much more than you think. If you are thinking of laying mulch but want to learn more about the benefits or how to properly lay it, the team at Sesmas Tree Service is always here to help! Call our office today to learn more.