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Benefits of Composting Your Tree`s Fall Leaves

09 APR 2019

Benefits of Composting Your Tree's Fall Leaves

When fall season comes around, tree leaves become colorful and breathtaking. Those yellow, orange, and red leaves dont stick around for long, though. As its name suggests, fall season brings leaves down, covering your yard with dead leaves. If you are an ordered homeowner, then you likely rake these leaves to keep your yard neat. However, if you are also a resourceful homeowner, then you will compost those leaves rather than wasting them by throwing them away. At Sesmas Tree Service, your professional tree removal and care service providers, we suggest to our clients that they make the most of those leaves by composting them. These are some of the benefits of composting your trees fall leaves.

How to Compost

Composting is a common term tossed around in conversations regarding yard and garden work, but how do you do it? It is actually a simple process. All you need is a container, bin, or even empty space that does not receive direct sunlight. Add a mixture of two parts brown and dry items such as leaves, pines, or shredded paper with one-part greens such as grass clippings, weeds, and scrap foods. These materials should be moist and kept away from direct sunlight. Turn the pile once a week to even out the layers. Your compost is ready it starts to look dark and crumbly.

Benefits for You and The Environment

Compost provides many benefits for your yard, yourself, and the environment. First and foremost, you get exercise and fresh air when composting. Get everyone involved to turn this into a family activity. Its good to get a little dirty and resourceful. These are only some of the other profits from composting:

Compost provides quality organic matter, nutrients, and microorganisms that enhance the soil. It also shades soil from the sun to help hold water and nutrients in the soil. The slow release of nutrients as the compost decays allows more effective delivery of nutrients and encourages vital root growth.

Many homeowners use chemical fertilizers to supplement their trees, but these products are not very effective and can be extremely harmful for the environment and wildlife. Their quick release, as opposed to composts slow release, wastes valuable nutrients. Chemical fertilizers also tend to disrupt local ecosystems. Go natural, use compost. Compost is more affordable, benign, and effective.

Composting is the best alternative to dealing with backyard debris and kitchen food scraps. This process greatly reduces the amount of waste you produce. Green waste, such as leaves, in landfills create harmful methane gas. Unfortunately, it makes up to 20 percent of what goes into landfills. Because landfills are closed environments, leaves that enter a landfill are there to stay and cannot be recycled.

Contact the Professionals

Composting is fairly simple, but it does consume valuable time. If you would like to have professional and ISA-certified arborists handle your composting, then call Sesmas Tree Service. We can also offer expert consultations. Call Sesmas Tree Service to speak with a friendly representative today.