Apr 4 2019

Benefits of Mulch for Trees

At Sesmas Tree Service company, we encourage homeowners to keep their trees healthy because of the importance of trees to human and the environment. You can use trees to improve the curb appeal of your yard by planting the species that provides beautiful spring blooms and pretty fall leaves. If you want to make your home cooler and provide shade for outdoor leisure, you can plant the oak trees and other ones with large branches.

If you've been losing plants to freezing winter and hot summer and you want to discover the many benefits of placing mulch around your trees and the need to improve soil condition for the survival and wellbeing of your trees.

Here are some of the benefits of mulching that will help to sustain the growth of your trees. We are sharing these advantages of mulching to proffer solution to your tree care needs. We understand that with the right information about mulching, you won't spend time weeding or watering the soil around the tree and interestingly, it is a crucial ingredient to the success of your organic garden.

The benefits of mulching include:

Mulching acts like a buffer to the trees

It acts as a protective "blanket" to the soil during hot summer and winter season. It keeps the right temperature around the soil to avoid frost damage and for proper root growth. Mulching is highly important when it is used to buffer the newer trees because their root system is tender not well developed.

It helps you to save money

Mulching helps to prevent vitamin loss in plants and retains moisture in the soil for a longer time. Also, it prevents water run-off during rain or watering to sustain the nutrients in the soil. This will help you save money that would have been used for buying fertilizers.

It protects your tree from weed growth

Weeds and other unwanted plants will be prevented from growing around your tree when you practice mulching because it blocks the sunlight. Your yard will be weed free and will look beautiful when you mulch around the trees. Additionally, the trees will be healthier because they won't compete with unwanted plants.

Protects bare trunks and surface roots

With mulching, you will protect bare trunks from lawn maintenance equipment as well shade delicate seedling from the heat of the sun during the summer. It is also recommended to be used in increasing biological activities in the soil for the benefit of your tree. As a matter of fact, it is the best thing you can do to protect newer trees in your property.

It adds value to your property

Although it is a fact that trees add value to your property; when you practice mulching, your yard will become more appealing to the potential buyer, and you will be more confident in the negotiation table.

We recommend mulching to homeowners in order to retain moisture in the soil and to improve the health of their trees. Nevertheless, if you are not comfortable about the health of the tree in your yard or you need tree pruning in Atlanta area, call professionals at Sesmas Tree Service, for prompt and effective tree care service.

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