Tree Removal in Duluth, GA

A tree removal in Duluth can be as necessary as it is challenging. Duluth is crowded with trees, both wanted and unwanted. For those unwanted trees, call Sesmas Tree Service. Sesmas has over 15 years of experience in all things tree care and is excited to expand into Duluth. Duluth residents can now take advantage of Sesmas’ qualified and certified staff, advanced equipment, and extraordinary service. With 24/7 emergency services and ISA Certified arborists, Sesmas Tree Service is confident that you are in good hands. Contact our office today at 678-896-8352 to schedule tree removal in Duluth, GA and all nearby cities.

What Are Some Reasons for Tree Removals?

At Sesmas, we have a love and appreciation for trees as much, if not more, than the next guy. We have dedicated our lives to servicing and caring for trees, shrubs, bushes, and other perennial woody plants, but also understand that desperate times call for desperate measures. A tree removal can be requested for purely aesthetic reasons and it can also be a safety requirement. Whatever the reason, a Duluth tree removal has never been so simple – thanks to Sesmas Tree Service.

Make Room for Other Plants or Events

Property owners and managers may wish to remove trees on their property in order to create an open space for other activities or for other plants. If you have a property with an overabundance of trees, give Sesmas Tree Service a call for a free consultation and speak to one of our specialized arborists to arrange for a meeting so that we can plan a design for you.

Remove Trees That are Safety Hazards

Trees are unbelievably heavy – some can easily come crashing down through a roof and devastate a home. They also grow in unpredictable patterns. If you have utility poles and wiring near your tree, then you may be at great risk. Under some laws, any damage caused by trees on your property can be your responsibility.

If you think a tree on your property is in a precarious situation, then please call Sesmas Tree Service. We offer 24/7 emergency assistance. No matter the time of day, give us a call and we will have a crew dispatched to your location. Do not leave it to chance – call Sesmas today.

Duluth Tree Removal

Why Call Sesmas Tree Services?

Whether you want a complete tree removal or just a tree cutting, Sesmas Tree Service should be your number one option. Sesmas is a local, family business that has been in this line of work for over 15 years. We are not only experienced with tree services, but – more specifically - tree services in the Atlanta area.

As residents of Atlanta, we understand the area well. Combined with our ISA certified arborists who have demonstrated their understanding of tree health and anatomy, our services are sure to be based on science and experience.

Whether you have carefully planned for a tree removal or have had an emergency come up, Sesmas Tree Service is the expert to call. We offer 24/7 emergency services and our staff is on standby to take your call.

Tree Removal in Duluth

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SESMAS took down a large dead oak and trimmed several branches from nearby trees. They moved my son's trampoline and other play toys to avoid damage. They were quick, efficient and the best price out of five quotes. Will definitely continue to use them in the future.

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