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Plant Life That Adds Pop to Your Winter Landscape

25 JAN 2024

Plant Life That Adds Pop to Your Winter Landscape

When winter arrives, many people avoid outdoor activities, including yard care and maintenance. With most trees in dormancy, your neighborhood’s color and life fade. However, the Sesmas Tree Service can recommend suitable trees and shrubs to infuse your winter landscape with vibrant hues, character, and aesthetic appeal. Our certified arborists leverage extensive knowledge and experience to make your yard lively throughout. Here are tree and shrub varieties that will enhance your winter landscape, ensuring it remains inviting. 

Red Twig Dogwood

Red Twig Dogwood is a deciduous shrub with striking red stems that comes to life in winter. The vibrant red branches of the dogwood shrub create a stunning visual contrast against a backdrop of snow or a muted winter landscape. The best way to maximize its impact is to plant groups of the shrub or as a hedge. If you need professional help, consult a tree service provider for guidance.

Witch Hazel 

Witch Hazel is a versatile and captivating shrub that blooms in the cold season. Depending on the variety, the sweet-scented, spidery-shaped flowers fill your landscape with yellow, orange, or red hues. Before you plant Witch Hazel in your yard, hire a professional tree care company to determine if the soil is well-drained and contains essential nutrients to support growth during winter.


Winterberry is a native deciduous holly species that thrives during winter. Its vibrant red berries persist throughout the cold months and are a magnet for birds, bringing life and activity to your garden even in winter’s quietude. Plant winterberry shrubs where the berries can be seen to ensure curb appeal year-long.  

Japanese Umbrella Pine 

If you want a more evergreen solution that adds elegance to your winter landscape, the Japanese Umbrella Pine is an excellent choice. We recommend this tree species for its dark green needles and unique, umbrella-like growth habit, making it a standout feature in any garden. While Japanese Umbrella Pine maintains its color year-round, you can appreciate it more when surrounded by a snowy landscape. However, routine inspections and care by professional tree service are crucial to address minor issues before they cause severe damage. 

Paperbark Maple 

The Paperbark Maple is a smaller deciduous tree than other species, thriving in many seasons, including winter. You can detect Paperback Maple trees because of their cinnamon-colored bark, which peels away in thin layers, revealing a smooth, copper-like under layer. Against a snowy backdrop, the Paperbark Maple’s bark provides a striking contrast and an element of surprise in your winter garden. 

River Birch 

River Birch is a versatile tree that thrives in various climates and offers year-round appeal. Its unique peeling bark, ranging from creamy white to salmon-pink, adds texture and visual appeal to your landscape throughout the year. The exposed branches and colorful bark create a captivating scene during winter, making it a centerpiece for your garden. Working with a professional tree care company before planting trees is advisable, ensuring you choose the right one and avoid premature tree removal emergencies. 

Incorporating these trees and shrubs into your winter landscape is an excellent way to add color and character to your premises. Whether you choose the vibrant red branches of Red Twig Dogwood or the textured beauty of the River Birch, the Sesmas Tree Service can help you select plants that will transform your winter garden into an attractive wonderland. Schedule a consultation with our arborists today and access exceptional services, including tree removal, planting, and maintenance.