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Are Exposed Roots a Bad Sign?

05 APR 2023

Are Exposed Roots a Bad Sign?

Maintaining healthy trees is more challenging than it sounds. Once you plant a tree, it must receive the proper amount of moisture throughout its lifespan. As a homeowner, your work is cut out, especially if you plan on tackling maintenance as a DIY project. However, developing trees can experience problems beyond an inexperienced individual’s scope. When you notice tree roots rising to the surface, it is a sign you should call a professional tree care company as soon as possible. At the Sesmas Tree Service, we have seasoned arborists ready to help you address shallow roots without compromising the overall well-being of your tree.

Why Are Tree Roots Exposed?

If a tree in your backyard has exposed roots, it can be alarming and a good time to consult a reputable tree care company. While exposed roots might not be a major cause for concern, it is essential to determine the cause. Tree roots become exposed for various reasons, and homeowners must ask themselves why it is happening.

The most common causes of root exposure include soil erosion. A large canopy prevents grass from growing under the tree, making it easy for the topsoil to erode during heavy rains or strong winds. Another common reason for exposed tree roots is obstructions or compact soil. Tree roots grow underground and require sufficient air to maintain optimal health. However, heavy soil or obstructions like foundations and sidewalks grow upwards to access more nutrients. Regardless of the reason for root exposure, we recommend consulting a trusted tree service company for advice.

What Happens When Roots Are Exposed?

Exposed tree roots don’t mean there’s a problem. This might be a way of responding to difficult environmental conditions. With that in mind, tree roots are delicate structures and the water source and essential nutrients needed to keep the tree healthy. When exposed, roots become susceptible to damage from human activity, such as mowing and foot traffic.

The outer layer of the roots acts like skin and protects internal parts from damage. In the event of damage, roots allow fungus and bacteria to enter the tree, causing infection or, worse, tree death. If you notice exposed tree roots in your backyard, call a tree care company to address the problem in time.

What to Do About Exposed Roots

Pushing the roots back without damaging the tree is impossible, and care should be taken to prevent such scenarios. There are several things homeowners can do to protect exposed roots, including planting shade-tolerant trees, adding topsoil, and mulching. Consider working with a professional tree care company if you prefer a more hands-off approach. We can assess the severity of damage and recommend a viable solution without compromising your trees’ health and overall well-being.

Once you notice roots popping up from the ground, contact us at Sesmas Tree Service for professional tree service and maintenance. We pride ourselves on helping our clients grow the lushest trees in the area without breaking the bank.