Dec 20 2018

Should I Cut All the Branches of a Tree?

You may end up pruning too much from a tree when you have a saw in your hand. You may prune too little or too much but cutting down unwanted branches will surely make your tree healthier and more appealing. If you are unsure about how to cut branches from a tree without removing too little or too much, please contact Sesmas Tree Service in Atlanta for tree removal, tree trimming and all other tree care services.

Fixing an over-pruned tree or shrub

Some tree species will require heavy pruning, others will need less. The golden rule is to avoid pruning more than 15-20% of a tree's canopy. Here are some steps you can take when you prune too much from a tree. 

Understand the type of plant in your yard

The type of plant you have matters, while some plants or trees can be cut to the grown and they will recover quickly and grow back, other shrubs may simply die off when they are excessively pruned.

Be patient with your plant

Healthy trees with no disease should recover after a while, some trees can be so slow that you wouldn't notice the bloom even in the first 1-2 years.

Seek the opinion of an expert arborist

Certified arborists working at Sesmas Tree Service can inspect your tree and inform you if it is a species of tree that will recover when excessively pruned. You can rely on our expertise to check the profile of the tree and see what we can do to aid its recovery.

Provide the plant with proper health care

If the tree in your yard is struggling for survival after pruning its branches, it may require some bit of tree care. Make sure you water the tree, especially when it is dry, and especially before the winter season. You can provide the soil with some extra nutrient by mulching. Sometimes your tree will need to be fertilized to help it recover.

Provide aid for the plant to regain its form

Once the tree is having some new growth, you will need thinning to ensure that the canopy growth is evened out. When the canopy has been added to even out, the tree branches will become stronger. You can contact certified arborists at Sesmas Tree Service for 100% efficient thinning that will even out the tree's canopy and make the canopy stronger.

Avoid excessive pruning again

It is important that you avoid making the same pruning mistake repeatedly. If it takes a while for your tree to recover, then it may take much longer for the tree to recover if your prune it excessively again. Just before you prune the plant again, make sure you contact professional arborists at Sesmas Tree Service. We do provide 100% reliable professional guidance on different species of trees and we will be there to handle the pruning for you. 

Sesmas Tree Service offers a comprehensive tree inspection and evaluation services before proceeding with the appropriate care that will ensure that your tree recovers from any damage, disease or mechanical problems.

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