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Should I Cut All the Branches of a Tree?

20 DEC 2018

Should I Cut All the Branches of a Tree?

Like humans and animals, trees are living organisms that rely on water and nutrients to grow and continue living. Just as we have organs and limbs, trees have branches, stems, leaves, and roots. All of these tree parts are crucial for the well-being of the tree and each plays a vital role in the trees growth and development. Thus, damaging any of these parts to the point of no return is going to have serious consequences for the health of the tree. At Sesmas Tree Service, we know a thing or two about trees and we are excited to share some information on tree pruning. Specifically, we will explore the effects of cutting too many branches. We are also always happy to answer your questions or schedule appointments over the phone.

What Is Pruning and Why Is It Important?

Your hair and nails have purpose, but you still cut them occasionally. Similarly, branches and stems are essential for the tree but there are good reasons to trim them from time to time.

Pruning, or trimming the stems and branches, does more than provide structural or aesthetic appeal to a tree. Proper pruning encourages healthy growth, flower and fruit production, and disease elimination. It is important to occasionally prune tree branches to eliminate diseased, dying, or dead branches. Leaving these branches can usurp valuable nutrients from the rest of the tree or spread disease to neighboring branches.

Pruning is not just cutting branches haphazardly, though. There are techniques and rules to pruning if you want to optimize the health and growth of your tree. Certified arborists are the leaders in this field and the ISA certified arborists at Sesmas Tree Service are happy to help.

Consequences of Pruning Too Much and How to Fix

Allowing dying, diseased, or dead branches and stems will harm the overall health of the tree, but so will pruning too much.

Branches and stems provide structural support for the leaves, fruits, and flowers that the tree produces. They also serve as the roads through which water travels from the soil to the foliage and the photosynthesized energy travels from the leaves to the rest of the tree.

Removing all the branches of the tree means removing all of the leaves as well. The damage is two-fold. One, the tree is left with wounds on the bark. Second, those wounds are unprotected against sun scalding now that the leaves are gone.

There is no way to glue the branches back. Fortunately, the tree will activate its defense mechanisms and star sprouting as soon as possible. Give your tree a hand with proper tree care. This includes watering it, keeping it mulched, and providing fertilizer.

Hire the Professionals

If you want to hire an ISA certified arborist to bring your tree back to good health, then call Sesmas Tree Service. Our tree removal experts are experienced, trained, and equipped to have your tree in great shape as soon as possible. We are happy to offer a free consultation!