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All You Should Know About Viburnum Leaf Beetle

12 OCT 2021

All You Should Know About Viburnum Leaf Beetle

There are so many different insects in the world, most of which choose to live in our shrubs and trees. The Viburnum Leaf Beetle is no different. These beetles seem to become livelier in the spring and summer seasons since they like to live in the heat. They tend to lay their eggs in the early spring so that by mid-summer, the eggs are grown and will start to pupate. The Viburnum Leaf Beetle feeds off the leaves on your trees, so Sesmas Tree Service wants to educate you on the beetles.

The Viburnum Leaf Beetle females tend to lay eggs on the stems or twigs of your trees. This is the kind of insect that stays around until forced out, for lack of better words. These pesky insects don’t like change, so if they like your climate and the living conditions in your tree, it can be tricky to get rid of them.

Sesmas Tree Service has been providing tree service for many years now, and we have had to provide so many people with tree removal due to the presence of Viburnum Leaf Beetles. Here is everything you need to know about these pesky critters…

What Should You Know About The Viburnum Leaf Beetle?

First, let’s talk about what these beetles look like. The Viburnum Leaf Beetle is a yellowish-brown color and they are on the smaller side, measuring in at ¼ of an inch in length. In the younger stages of their lives, they look like worms and they grow into their bodies and start to look like your typical beetle.

Now, let’s discuss the threat of these beetles. The time you need to watch out for these beetles is during the springtime when they start to chew holes on your Viburnum leaves. The way the chew your leaves will look like a lace pattern on your leaves, so make sure to constantly check your viburnum tree for these signs.

The Viburnum Leaf Beetle has a life cycle that is pretty interesting. A female beetle can lay up to 500 eggs at one time, and those eggs need 5 months to ‘chill’ over the winter months. Once spring hits, the eggs starts to mature into larvae and take about a week and a half to emerge from their eggs. They emerge as adults in mid-summer, and the process starts all over again.

Getting rid of Viburnum leaf beetles isn’t as easy as one might think. You may need a tree service such as Sesmas Tree Service to lay or apply the proper insect treatments to get rid of these pesky beetles.

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