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7 Popular Trees That Spell Trouble For Your Yard

30 NOV 2022

7 Popular Trees That Spell Trouble For Your Yard

Property owners get many benefits from trees, from aesthetics to high property value. However, some trees are not worth the trouble, and we can help you avoid the hassle of planting such trees on your property. At Sesmas Tree Service, we have a professional team of arborists with extensive experience to help you plant suitable trees for your landscape. We recommend hiring a reputable tree care company for professional help if you want to plant trees in your backyard. Let’s look at popular trees that aren’t worth the hassle.

Silver Maple

Many homeowners who want fast-growing and large trees opt for silver pine. This type of tree is prevalent in the Midwest and eastern states, but it is becoming more popular among property owners across the country. The fast development makes for brittle wood, which breaks easily during intense storms. The shallow roots system invades your plumbing, leading to cracking walkways and driveways.


Ash is a native tree to North America and is renowned for precious furniture-making wood and generating shade. While these are compelling reasons to plant this type of tree, they produce plenty of fruit and pollen that will make cleanup a nightmare. Another downside to planting ash trees is that they secrete growth-inhibiting radicals, wreaking havoc on vegetable gardens and flower beds.

Quaking Aspen

The Aspen is found in northern climates, especially areas with higher elevation. It has vibrant leaves and white bark, which is appealing, but the actual process is insidious. Property owners can expect heaps of suckers that turn into new trees, turning their premises into a war zone. This type of tree has a vast root system that is almost impossible to dig out.

Lombardy Poplar

The Lombardy poplar is a famous landscaping tree popular for its columnar form and rapid expansion. However, this species is susceptible to germs and diseases, turning them into problematic eyesores. They have a highly invasive root system that is difficult to eradicate, making stump removal a hectic and destructive process.


Willow is a familiar tree species popular for its slender and long branches that hang like tresses. While the surface is appealing, it has a hostile root system that terrorizes sewer lines, drain areas, and irrigation lines. If you want wood for furniture, willow trees have weak wood that easily breaks and a short lifespan of up to 30 years. The goal of planting trees is to improve the quality of your premises, and this type of tree is not a viable solution because of its short lifespan.


Famous for their rapid expansion, eucalyptus trees have a reputation for suddenly dropping heavy and oversized resin-filled branches. Campers are advised not to pitch tents under eucalyptus trees to minimize the risk of injuries. Another disadvantage of planting eucalyptus trees is the showy bark that peels off regularly, adding to seasonal maintenance chores.

Bradford Pear

The Bradford pear is a suburban favorite with a profusion of spring blossoms and a compact shape. Unfortunately, it is exceptionally susceptible to splitting and breaking in its adulthood. If you want to maintain a safe premise, please avoid planting Bradford pears in your backyard and consult a tree service professional for guidance.

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